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Spirituality is our life, our life is spiritual

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Welcome to our site 'Spiritueel-Zijn.be'!

2021, we live in a special time in which a lot of imperfections are surfacing at an accelerated tempo. This prompts us all to consider the world as we know and have known it. In fact, we are forced to do so.

Opposing that will only lead to more problems. We 'all' are invited to increase our spiritual energy. Along with the accelerated rate at which the imperfections emerge, the spiritual energy also increases, here on Earth. Making it easier, with the right insight, to integrate and use that higher energy in your own life. The intention is that, regardless of the problems that become visible and / or one experiences oneself, one lifts one's own consciousness.

Expanding one's own consciousness leads to people looking at problems in a completely different way and also to solving them from that expanded consciousness. Many problems in the world are very real and pose a danger to yourself and the community. In the past people tended to deny problems. Now that these problems are clearly seen, they are passed on to others and they demand a solution from those others for those problems for which they have no solution themselves.

(Re) discovering and expanding your own spirituality inevitably leads to an even higher energy that initially helps to solve your own but also worldly problems.

On this site we collect all the insights we ever wrote and will write. Use them as you see fit and take advantage of them or not.

This site is the product of 15 years of talks, experiences and revisions to higher thoughts. We can imagine that it is very difficult for the reader to choose where to start. Especially if one has never been introduced to spirituality.

We do not experience our spirituality in a vague way. We are very practical people who love fast, good results, who can continue to work in our daily lives. If you would like to start with spirituality, we would like to refer you to our insight "Eternal Joy".. If you still have doubts about your own spirituality, you might find a simple answer in our insight "Am I spiritual?"

Our experience is that spirituality is accessible to everyone. We ourselves are poorly educated. In order to live spiritually one does not need higher studies.

The emphasis is on the information, so we keep this site as simple as possible when it comes to layout.

Eddy and Rita