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About us

We are Eddy and Rita. Both born in 1958. A twin soul and together since 2005. Since we are together we have a super life without problems, something that seems impossible in this present time. Even for a twin soul, if you have to rely on the many stories circulating about the twin soulship.

At the beginning of 2005, we had had enough of the life we were living at that time. We each made the decision that things had to be done differently, we did not know each other yet. This quickly changed and as a result we moved in together three months later. From that moment on we decided to live our lives in the signs of joy.

Through theorizing, philosophizing, very in-depth conversations and a lot of fun, we found out that only theorizing and philosophizing was not successful. Actual action must be taken to experience and live this joy that we are talking about.

Eddy and Rita