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How to use this site?

It takes some time to translate all insights. We are working on it!


Regarding spirituality, there is no system that can bring you to "Spiritual Being." "Being spiritual" is a natural fact. Becoming aware of this is the only thing that helps to come to a spiritual life yourself. So awareness, it can be that simple.

quick fixes

Before Rita and I (Eddy) got to know each other, I was involved in - I thought - spirituality for 25 years. I had also taken a lot of courses, read a lot of books, etc… Until Rita came into my life, I thought I had some spiritual experience.

We got to know each other through the practice I had at that time. What she told me seemed to come from someone who had years of experience in that field. This while she was not working on it at all. To me it felt like I had only been working on quick fixes for those 25 years. In the end I had to admit that this was also the case.

As a result of that insight, I stopped my practice. That I got rid of all the spiritual books I had. I burned all the certificates I had and with a little ritual I dedicated them to God. With which I freed myself and also Rita from the restrictions attached to it. At that moment our awareness started, never to stop. Now we can say 'I am aware' of my 'Spiritual Being', but it does not stop there. Our experience is that this awareness will never end.

Can we help you?

No, we cannot! That is also the reason why we do not offer courses or anything. You have to do it yourself! Why should we spend our time doing something that you are supposed to do yourself?

We can inspire you with the insights that you can find on this site.

Can I use this site to raise my awareness?

Yes, that's possible! Especially if you dare to take a closer look at your own thinking. One can use our site as an instrument to reach a higher consciousness. Our insights are a product of the conversations we have had with each other and are still having. We conduct our conversations from woman to man and vice versa. We listen to each other and put our thoughts together to create a balanced text.

Your interpretation of our insights will therefore depend on the degree to which you, respectively, are in the male and/or female consciousness. This can be very variable per individual, so that one understands this again and then that again. For yourself, this can be a reason to ask yourself why you think about one and the same topic sometimes this, and then that again. This can 'possibly' lead to a balanced thinking.

Our insights are also very suitable for discussing with your partner and/or others.

Choosing an insight can be arbitrary. Surf to our insights page and choose an insight from there. Furthermore, there is a search function at the top under the magnifying glass icon. If you don't like the insight, just surf to another.

Remember that the insights we write are there for you to consider. Not to proclaim the truth to you. We leave it to you to come to a life in which you can Be truly Spiritual.

You are the maker of your own life. Make it something beautiful and nourishing!

Eddy and Rita