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Revolution of thinking

It's already standard. Writing a text always starts with the title. Simple, the title comes to my mind and I have to deal with that. What I'm going to write is always unknown.

Sometimes thoughts come in of which I think: “Yes, that would be nice in this text!”, Only to conclude afterwards that those thoughts are not discussed at all. Now we have nothing to do with revolution, so why does this title come to my mind? I can easily pass it by and ignore it, but it doesn't work that way. The title keeps popping into my mind until I sit down to write. Rita and I have already discussed the information that comes in. Very often under a different topic.

Because it is never my intention to just write something, if I do not understand a word properly, I will look it up. So revolution, what does it mean? I found the following immediately after I briefly typed "revolution meaning" - what a beautiful tool the Internet is! - “A revolution is a sudden radical turn or change. It is therefore the counterpart of evolution, which is a gradual change. ”

What others say

I did not go and find out what others say about revolution. In the past, many people have considered the meaning and formulated their own views on it. That vision may be interesting, but in many cases it is not revolutionary enough. Adopting a vision from others can only lead to parroting, in other words quoting, from others. That can be fun and you can show that you are very smart yourself. Ultimately, however, we find quoting others simply pointless.

A revolution of one's own thinking is about what one really thinks about certain things. That is also the reason why we never quote, except for a few times. In this insight, we quote Plato to indicate how one misquotes others, modifying the quote to make it fit within one's own limited mind. Here and there we quote Jesus because Jesus was also a revolutionary. He had very revolutionary thoughts which, if understood correctly, could bring about a radical change.

We are pro revolution

We are definitely in favor of a radical change in thinking. We have already taken our thinking in a completely different direction several times. We each follow our own thoughts. We discuss it together and, if necessary, we convert it without complaint. That means that we have a very dynamic thinking. This allows for quick thinking. This means that we do not need quotes and / or outdated books to direct our lives. We direct our lives from our own thinking.

Awareness expanding

Revolutionary thinking also expands consciousness. By radically switching thinking one gets into an acceleration, which provides faster insights, thus faster solutions and consequently a faster release of limiting thoughts. People who are spiritually focused and engaged in expanding consciousness will at some point arrive at a faster, higher energy. They can, if they wish, use that energy to accelerate out of a particular situation. One must absolutely want this and go for it!

The mind is a talent

Every person, without exception, has been given talents. The vast majority of humanity has the mind as a talent. It just comes down to using this talent. One can use it to manipulate oneself within a certain framework in which one feels safe and secure. There are an enormous number of frameworks that can serve for this.

However, if something unpleasant happens that breaks through that framework, without having a say in how that unpleasant behavior will behave within their 'own' safe frameworks, one is blown over by 'own' limited thinking. One will be confused and not know what to do. Others will be asked how to deal with that unpleasant situation.

A person who uses his/her thinking ability optimally knows how to behave. Also know that unpleasant situations do not last because nothing here on earth lasts forever. This is where the benefit of revolutionary thinking comes in. By thinking quickly, one can act faster.

Theoretical or practical revolution?

Anyone who reads our insights has already realized that we are very practical people. What we are doing must be useful. Considering everything we encounter in our path also has a certain functional value. Rita and I consider everything in our lives. We always wonder if something is useful. Is it worth considering things at this point? Sometimes we leave subjects alone, and then go through them later in a higher understanding.

We combine our talents to achieve higher thinking. We are both very happy with our thinking ability and the flexible way we deal with it. In addition, Rita has the ability, in a simple way, to penetrate deeper into the details, which also brings me to a higher understanding. I brought this writing talent with me, so that I can then write down what we discuss together.

If you, as a reader, put your 'own' talent 'reading comprehension' together with our talents, it is possible that you will just get an acceleration of your thoughts, so that you can steer your life in a completely different direction at an accelerated tempo. . ;o)

Eddy and Rita