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Am I spiritual?

A lot of people say, "Oh, but I'm not spiritual at all!" By which they mean that they have no psychic abilities, or that they are not religious. In our opinion, the paranormal or religion has nothing to do with spirituality. It's much, much simpler. Read along ...

With this insight we try to explain in a simple way that everyone is spiritual.

There is only a difference in interests. Some like it a bit more difficult and others like it simple. Difficult or simple, spirituality is accessible to everyone. In fact, everyone IS spiritual by nature!

People often hear it. My partner, my family, my friends, my… are not spiritual. They don't understand me, I am more spiritual than them.

What is Spirituality?

On Wikipedia one can read the following; “Spirituality has in the broadest sense to do with matters concerning the mind (Latin spiritus). The word is used in many ways and may have to do with religion or supernatural powers, but the emphasis is on the personal inner experience. ”

Personal inner experience

The emphasis is on the personal inner experience. Nor does it indicate what this experience should look like. What is a personal inner experience then? To find out, one does not have to look far. The body itself is a personal instrument with which one lives here on earth. It is yours, can it be even more personal? An inner experience is thus experienced in the body and the thinking associated with that body.

Anyone who says he / she has never had spiritual experiences has not paid close attention. If you look inside the body, you can see that it is full of organs, blood, bones, etc…. All these elements together form the body. Each element has a specific task, which is performed without having to think about it. They do what they are designed for. Without your interference.

Isn't that wonderful? Just pause and think about it. Are you amazed? … .. Behold your first simple "personal inner experience"! Now say again that you are not spiritual!

Behind the scenes

Still amazed? Then let's take a look behind the scenes. Pay attention to your body for a while and look at the composition and all processes that are active in your body. Each organ has its specific task and place in the body. Don't you see order in that? Order is the proof of the presence of intelligence. So there is an intelligent force that keeps everything working. Without this order maintained by this intelligence, life would not be possible. Is your body not a spiritual instrument with which you can come to higher thoughts, experiences?

Everything is one

The above simple observation proves that there is a higher intelligence at work within the body, but what about the things that work outside of your body? When one broadens his / her view one can see that this intelligence is working through everything. She connects everything together. It provides the energy that keeps everything going. It can be said that this energy ensures that everything is one. Everything is connected through this energy. If that's not spiritual!


One cannot simply say that one is more spiritual than the other. One cannot become more spiritual, one already is. One has just forgotten it. Spiritual awakening is nothing more than remembering that there is a "Great Force" at work, which not only energizes this Universe but also supplies "All That Is."

Eddy and Rita

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