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High sensitivity and intelligence

We (Eddy and Rita) are highly sensitive and we are also 'spiritually intelligent'. We think that goes together.

We ourselves are very low educated. I (Eddy) left school at the age of 15 to work on an apprenticeship contract. I didn't see the point in wearing out my pants any longer in a school where I felt out of place. I wanted to do "something" to support myself. I have never had a higher education. When I read back the insights I wrote, I am always amazed at what I read. Where does that come from, I think.

Rita also has no higher education. She went to school until she was 18. Recently she did an extensive IQ test on the internet and she came out with an IQ result above 130, which according to that test is very gifted. She doesn't remember exactly how much she had, because that is completely unimportant, she says herself. She likes to puzzle and this test was just a fun puzzle. Nothing more than that.

We do not tell this to indicate how smart we are. We want to make it clear that higher studies are no guarantee for intelligence. It is not because one can easily repeat that one is really intelligent.

Different intelligence

We observe in ourselves and also other highly sensitive people a different intelligence than what is considered an 'academic intelligence'. In a competitive society, this 'academic intelligence' is highly sought after. It can be measured easily, and it can be divided into different degrees. With these degrees it can then be determined whether someone is suitable to participate at a certain level in society. So it is an intelligence that fits within a certain framework.

The intelligence of highly sensitive people cannot be captured within a framework. This goes beyond the currently known frameworks. We have already noticed this in communications on FB with people who are higher educated according to their profile. Despite the fact that we remain very polite in our responses, many get angry and start to swear and unfriend and even block us.

This is of course allowed in connection with free will. That's not so bad for us either. It simply indicates that we are stepping outside of 'their' intelligence box and giving them a sense of powerlessness. They prefer to stay within the learned framework and perceive anything that might challenge them as a threat.

Spiritual intelligence

Highly sensitive people have brought along with the gift of "high sensitivity" the gift of "spiritual intelligence". The latter will only come into its own when one, as a highly sensitive person, feels completely at home in their 'own' high sensitivity. This is only possible if one starts to accept that high sensitivity as a 'talent' instead of bearing it as a burden. The more one feels at home in one, the more the other will make itself known.

Earlier we wrote that the intuition of highly sensitive people could "work" better than that of other people, if they would only accept and use that intuition as it is given to them. Our experience is that the more peace (balance) one feels within and with oneself, the more information comes in. The easier one has access to that 'higher, spiritual intelligence' that undoubtedly belongs to you to.

Eddy and Rita

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