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The spiritual aspect of high sensitivity

As far as high sensitivity is concerned, science only becomes interested when there is something to be researched. It gets really interesting when there are defects to be investigated.

So the focus is on the 'suffering aspect' of high sensitivity. As a result, high sensitivity is more likely to be regarded as a disability and the research follows a direction in which highly sensitive people always need help.

However, without taking into account the spiritual aspect of high sensitivity one cannot gain deeper insights about it. A scientific explanation can lead to a description of certain behaviors that are often seen in highly sensitive people.

These descriptions stem from linear analytic thinking that leaves little to the imagination. In this way, one "hopes" to come to a certain conclusion from which one can possibly filter a treatment method.

The scientific way is a mechanical way that is aimed at results, "if-then". The "person seeking help" is analyzed on the basis of a number of known symptoms that keep recurring and a diagnosis is established that could possibly lead to a solution in which the person seeking help feels good for a while. This is a good way to recover machines. The problem is that a human is not a machine. There is not a single person who responds in the same way to a treatment and / or medication.

Scientists are not that interested in the spiritual aspect, nor is it included in their training. Most people seeking help have no idea (yet) of their own spirituality and are asking for results. The relationship between care provider and client is therefore in balance.

In itself this is sufficient for highly sensitive people who are not (yet) aware of their own spirituality. It is also sufficient for those who are still very busy to find their way in this material, condensed world. In order to achieve a spiritual attitude it is necessary that one has found his / her place in this life, so that one can achieve a certain balance, which can lead to spiritual maturity. A maturity in which one can see one's own participation in this life.

We have not gone through that process without problems either. Anyone who reads our insights will also be able to determine this. At one point we were also faced with the choice to step out of this life or to continue. We chose life!

What is spirituality not?

It used to be thought that spirituality was only reserved for religious people. Via these people they could then make contact with a god, who spoke to the people through them. It was out of the question that ordinary people could have direct contact with God.

Later it was discovered through the New Age movement that ordinary people are also spiritual. There were all kinds of treatment methods and also psychedelic drugs to awaken the spiritual feeling. The idea was, if it feels good, it's good. This was a very superficial spirituality. Those treatment methods, and also those psychedelic drugs, have been described as spiritual.

Nowadays everything that has anything to do with the alternative is placed under the heading of spirituality. This only creates the 'appearance' that one is engaged in spirituality. Most people who are involved in it call spirituality as a hobby. Many would like to make a profession out of it.

All of this can provide a certain structure, but it is certainly not spirituality. They are only first aid measures that 'can' make you feel good. For as long as it lasts, of course.

So what is spirituality?

That is not that difficult to answer. Spiritual life is a life in which one has a notion of one's own divinity. One knows one's own capacities and talents and puts them unconditionally at the service of God and everything that has to do with God. So everything!

The structures that could previously be found in religion and / or alternative schools of thought have done their job and no longer need to be included in spiritual awareness. They are no longer needed and can be easily let go.

The 'Energy' we call ourselves 'God' is present and visible in everything. This is not just a fabrication, it is reality. The only reality, in fact.

What has this to do with high sensitivity?

In our insight “High sensitivity is a spiritual tool”, we write that high sensitivity is an instrument that was not simply brought along in this incarnation. It is no coincidence that you are highly sensitive! It has been thought about before you incarnated. In connection with free will, you have the choice of what you want to do with that instrument. You can use it in the wrong way so that it doesn't work optimally. You can put it in the closet (ignore it), although that is quite difficult. Usually you are still under the influence of the effects of your own high sensitivity. So you cannot walk from it.

Even better is that you use your high sensitivity to tune in to the divine and ask what you can do with it. Preferably good things that are nourishing for yourself and the world.

Do not walk right next to your shoes, but with your high sensitivity you have an edge when it comes to intuition. When used correctly, information is obtained much faster than people who are less sensitive. So it has advantages, you just have to (want to) see them.

Eddy and Rita

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