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High sensitivity is a spiritual tool

High sensitivity is a spiritual tool, learn to use it! As it is with any complicated instrument, one "must" learn to use it.

Now it is not complicated for us (anymore). In the past, yes. What do you do if you hear someone explain something and you feel (know) that that person is lying? What do you do when you see someone laughing and you see that same person crying out loud to his/her gut. What do you do with it if…, complete it yourself, as a highly sensitive person you also know what it looks like.

How can I learn to deal with my high sensitivity?

There are no suitable lessons and/or courses for this. Just forget that you can learn it from someone else. Others can inspire you and you will have to "sift through" those inspirations yourself to find out how things work for yourself. Your high sensitivity makes you work like no other. We have always experienced this as favorable. For a highly sensitive person, there is nothing whatsoever that will ever always look the same. You will never be able to sit down and say, "Now I am where I wanted to be and now let it stay that way!" Your high sensitivity does not allow that.

When you have achieved something, something else is already waiting to be investigated. Sometimes you wish it were different, but no, forget it. We ourselves experience this as very favorable. Our high sensitivity has ensured that we have come together. Before we got to know each other, we both were in a relationship that many people would sign up for. Not us, we saw it was good but not Perfect.

Almost simultaneously we let the divine know that that was not enough and that we wanted something that suited us completely. We didn't know each other yet. Fourteen days later we got to know each other and 3 months later we lived together. That was in 2005, now in 2020 we are still together and we still enjoy each other and the in-depth conversations that we still have every day.


Most of the messages about high sensitivity are about the emotions that highly sensitive people experience and that usually plague them. Our experience is that emotions are completely unimportant. Of course you feel a lot. Otherwise you wouldn't be highly sensitive.

As far as emotions are concerned, we can already tell you that when you come "into the flow of your own life" you will never experience emotional problems again. Before you get there, you have of course made many choices, good and less good of course. All that is just part of it. Those who do not make choices do not progress and continue to be plagued. We write why this is so in our insight “Driving force for spiritual development”.

Recognizing your emotions is not that difficult, you are happy, or angry, or sad, or ... Very simple. It is less easy to find out why this is the case. The why is not that important at first. It is more important to know how emotions work. If you are anxious, you get an impulse to flee or to stand still. This is how emotions indicate to you whether a situation is safe or not. It is the instinct that belongs to the body and aims to protect and maintain the body. When one realizes this one can think about getting a more “natural control over the emotions”. Natural control of the emotions is followed by a functional presence that is nourishing for yourself and the world.

It is important to know that you "yourself" choose which direction to take with the emotions you experience.

1. You feel yourself a victim of your high sensitivity and take on the poor-me-role.

2. You are tired of that role and you investigate what emotions are and what they serve for.

3. You distance yourself from the paralyzing emotions and you give your life a completely different turn.

4. ....

In connection with the 'free will' there are several other possibilities. Everything depends on the choices you make yourself.

Solve your psychological problems!

Emotions can indicate psychological problems that "must" be resolved before one can move on. Not all emotions arise from psychological problems. Self-inquiry is therefore very important! In our insight "Solve your psychological problems!", We write that if one wants to continue up the spiritual ladder, one "must" solve the psychological problems before one can continue. This is necessary because psychological problems are building a wall in the middle of the spiritual path one wants to follow. And that a highly sensitive person follows a spiritual path is certain. Whether you know it or not, whether you want it or not, you are following a spiritual path. Sooner or later you will find out for yourself.

Spiritual instrument

It is no coincidence that you are highly sensitive. In the first instance you brought the instrument high sensitivity to use only for yourself. It somehow "feels" familiar. The only problem with most highly sensitive people is that they have forgotten how to use it. As a result of which they have little or no confidence in their ability. This lack of confidence cuts oneself off from the divine. People "think" they are alone in the world. This is only effective in one's own thinking. In reality, you are NEVER alone!

With the correct use of high sensitivity, one can, of free will, be a bridge between the material world and the divine.

Eddy and Rita

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