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In the flow of life

You often hear it: "Get into the flow of life and everything will look completely different!". How do you feel and know that you are in the flow of life? We can tell you a thing or two about twin souls!

When we read a story of someone who lives in disharmony with the twin flame and finds this quite normal, we immediately know that this person is "not" in the flow of his / her own life at all. Right after the meeting it can be a bit tricky because at the time of the meeting so much happens that your mind often refuses to follow.

However, it is time you started asking yourself questions if it remains difficult for a long time. The duration depends on your own attitude but can certainly not take months or years! We know that the "Divine Realm" is absolutely cooperating when you are in the "right direction." This facilitates and accelerates the letting go of that which does not belong in the flow.

Previous relationships

Before we met and started living together at the age of 47, we both felt for a long time that we were not in the flow of life. We both had a deep desire to "give ourselves completely" to the relationship we were in at the time.

One of us was married for 27 years, this marriage was not bad but it was not satisfying. Actually it was a gathering of attraction and rejection. There was also stayer and runner behavior. You don't have to run to flee, you might as well stay where you are but refuse communication. Everything was fine for the partner, so there was also a knowledgeable person present and someone who does not know. The partner was also not interested in spirituality, which could also indicate an uneven spiritual growth. In short, all the phenomena of the "so-called twin soulship" were present. After 27 years will you know for sure?

The other has had a number of long-term relationships in which he completely surrendered. The erroneous thought of "unconditional love" completely disappeared. Nothing was too much. Those relationships weren't bad either but "didn't" resonate with the flow of life. Which caused this person to feel completely unwell emotionally and mentally. Although never diagnosed medically, the feelings and thoughts tended to be depressed.

In 2005 we both informed the "Divine" that this could not continue and asked that we be shown the way to "True Life". The strange thing is that we did not know each other at the time, but both expressed the same question about the "Divine" at almost the same time. Through which our collective Soul "immediately" stepped in to bring us together. We got to know each other about 14 days after our question. This recognition was on a soul level and unmistakable for both. "This" was the partner we had been looking forward to all along and that we "believed" to have recognized in our previous partners. At the first meeting we were therefore completely amazed and overjoyed that we had found each other again.


Then everything accelerated. The commitment of one who was married for a long time provided a good basis for guiding our relationship. The emotions that the other had struggled with most of his life disappeared immediately (a very strange feeling), never to return. The quest he had lived, through spiritual / alternative treatments, courses, healings, readings, his own spiritual / alternative practice, reading a lot, etc… provided insight into this subject. This search in the alternative for a better life was also over. What one has experienced is immediately and automatically transferred to the other. This 25-year search had yielded nothing!

Now we are completely in the flow of life. We notice this in the ease and joy with which we go through life. We fully live the promptings of our Soul and know "immediately" when we deviate from this.

Clean up!

It is important for yourself that you are going to clean up your life and put out everything that does not belong in it for good. Don't look back because that is paralyzing. Of course, not everyone will be satisfied with your resolutions. Friends, acquaintances, family, etc… will not be happy with it. Then ask yourself this question: "Who is going to live my life if I don't do it myself?"

The more you tidy up, the easier your life becomes, the more you are in the "flow of Life".

Eddy and Rita

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