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Driving force for spiritual development

Unfortunately, people need a drive for spiritual development. This means that, time after time and again and again, one finds oneself in situations that are not always pleasant.

Conflicts are then presented that seem to have a hint of truth. When one looks, one absolutely knows and experiences that this has nothing to do with spiritual growth, it just seems that way. Many or nearly all of these situations are presented as necessary.

While these have no meaning at all in our experience. When man himself decides to immerse himself in the spiritual and continues to do so, he no longer ends up in such situations. Immediately one can wonder what the real value of all these experiences are. Are they really there to learn from? What can I or what have I really learned from it? Am I so stupid that I find myself in the same situations over and over again? No, in our opinion people are not stupid, but they have not learned anything from that difficult situation, simply because there is nothing to be learned from it.

Follow spiritual path

So what's really going on? Simple, one does not follow one's own spiritual path. When one is in a situation that is not pleasant, one looks for something better. The situation that prompts you to go on a spiritual quest doesn't matter at all. You can experience something right away that starts you up to continue.

The difficult situation is a motive that it is better not to focus on blindly. When one realizes that, one can begin the spiritual journey. When one can muster the discipline to keep going, any time of the day, there will be no more bad experiences. From our own experience we can assure you that this discipline works.

Spiritual thoughts and actions

Of course you have thoughts about your past that can hinder your spiritual growth, but they can be reversed by simple considerations to their true proportion where they no longer hinder you. Just thinking logically should suffice.

What we are saying by this is that all the unpleasant things you experience in your life are simply a motivation to make you engage in spiritual thoughts and actions. If you deviate from this, there will be unpleasant experiences that will prompt you to start over with your spiritual path. Isn't it easier to just keep on following your spiritual path?

Eddy and Rita

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