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Natural control over the emotions

In our insights we often talk about natural control over the emotions. In this insight we want to go into that a bit more deeply.

What do we think is natural control?

Suppose you smoke and you want to stop. Why do you want to quit? Because someone asks you to? Because you think it is not healthy? Do you want to quit for the sake of social opinion? Or do you just think you are ready now? In the latter case, you will likely have less trouble sticking to it. Simply because you are more aware of your own contribution to the decision you made. This awareness means that you have 'more natural control' over your smoking behavior.

Thus, when one sees the need for it, one can gain more natural control over the emotions. Not because someone tells you that it is good or better for you, but because one gets a deeper insight into it.

Why is it necessary to have natural control over one's emotions?

Very easy; emotions are the manipulators par excellence. People manipulate 'themselves' and each other through emotions. Just take the fact that there is a statement in the spiritual-alternative field, which says: "The emotions make us the human being that we are." This is a gross lie with which many unconsciously keep themselves and each other in an impasse regarding "spiritual growth."

They tell each other that it is good to approach and feel feelings from the past in order to benefit from them. Our observation, however, is that this only leads to reliving and reliving and reliving… rarely does this lead to deeper insights in processing. If one takes a step back and from that higher vision, starts to look at the emotions instead of feeling, one has a much better view of the things that prevent you from being, who you really are.

Judge faster

When one allows the feelings or emotions to play a role, one becomes more likely to judge oneself, which in turn leads to other emotions. In this one manipulates oneself in a situation that has nothing to do with the 'now'. Most emotions have to do with previous experiences that normally cannot be changed. The past is over and cannot be changed. Why bother to keep stirring up the past?

You have probably already experienced that many things keep coming back and that you have little or nothing to say about the emotional development. Will you cry or be happy? Will reliving the emotions of the past bring about change? Weeping well will bring relief. But it is nothing compared to a deeper understanding of what these emotions really are. Manipulators (psychic realm) who at all times want to keep people from living a life in joy and deeper insights of what 'Being-Human' means.

Another view of the past

By natural control over the emotions, one gets a completely different view of the past and the emotions that go with it. A natural control makes you 'not' a numb person. One only gets a clearer view of what is going on. It makes life a lot easier. Keep in mind that it is not as spectacular as a life in drama.

Just go and see what emotions have brought you so far and how long you want to pay attention to them. Do you like drama? No problem, enjoy it.

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Eddy and Rita

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