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Functional presence

This insight is a continuation of our insight "Natural control over the emotions".

Many people lose themselves in their emotions and even become addicted to the effects they have on themselves and others. On the one hand, these effects are not so pleasant for themselves and, on the other hand, they get a lot of attention, which in itself is nice.

These contradictory effects hold man as to living his own divinity in a position of being milked out by the emotions. The repetitive "processing process" creates the illusion that "spiritual growth" comes from it. In essence, there is only repetition.

Functional view of life

In the meantime, we have been living for many years according to what we describe in the text quoted above (Natural control over the emotions). We continue to examine these matters to gain deeper insights about them so that we can understand them, live them, and share that understanding with others.

When we take a look at the life we ​​had before, we can say that we always held on to certain things that we thought were necessary in our lives. We did not wonder at all whether these were really indispensable. Many things are presented as indispensable in collective thinking. Everyone adds a little bit and so one gets a life that is full of useless things and thoughts that cause one to distance oneself even more from a life in freedom.

Spiritual Discipline

Most people cling to these "seeming indispensables." This doesn't exactly make them functional. When one intends to make one's life more spiritual and functional, all useless things and thoughts must also be set aside. There is no other way. This requires discipline!

However, "disciplining yourself spiritually" does not mean that you are failing yourself. You "may" or "can" not even start when you are not ready yet. Committing yourself to something does not imply natural discipline.

Discipline is our true nature. We humans want a quick solution for every problem. To "want" tells us that discipline is our true nature. We just let ourselves be distracted by lower thoughts, deluding ourselves that it will all work out on its own. Forget it. Functional living requires a disciplined approach.

What? Functional presence?

What is functional presence? Functional presence implies a nurturing position. It means that you are going to live according to what is dictated to you by your Soul. The more you give in to this, the more functional you become. Everything that was once so burdensome in the past has been removed, as it were, and replaced by an attitude that resonates at the level of the Christ Consciousness. Your Soul plays a big role in this presence.

After all, it is the Soul who knows perfectly and indicates what is best for you. You identify yourself with your 'Self' and nourish the world and all beings through it. The energy that flows through you frees yourself and thereby the world from the bonds created in the material mind. The more people become aware of their functional presence, the more nourishing energy flows to the whole.


The question; how do I get to the functional presence? It is actually quite simple. You listen to what is given to you from your own Soul and you go to live there without murmuring. All hunches that are aimed at improving yourself on any level lead to a better holistic functioning. This way you can get multiple hunches and ignore them all. This attitude leads to suffering, you are even aware of it. In response to the promptings you receive, you can lift yourself, in any area, to unprecedented heights.

By nature, everyone's life purpose is aimed at positively supporting the whole!

Eddy and Rita

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