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High sensitivity and the poor-me-role

Many people feel like victims of circumstances and take on the poor-me-role. With which they simply give their strength away to those who, according to them, are to blame for those circumstances.

It is a vizious circle that one cannot get out of.

We also know that not only highly sensitive people get into the poor-me-role. Many people feel victims of circumstances, which never seem to match their own wishes. Many pass the blame on to others for the unpleasant circumstances they find themselves in. This course of action can never lead to a nourishing, lasting solution. In their stories they like to tell about "their" misery which is in most cases even more miserable than the misery of others. This only leads to the glorification of suffering.

In this insight we explicitly address ourselves to HSP's

in this insight we explicitly target highly sensitive people. Why? Because we know from experience that highly sensitive people usually want to move forward. They are always looking for improvement. This is simply because your high sensitivity propels you. There is a urge for perfection, this is not sick. It is because you want to express your own divine Self. And that divine Self leans on perfection.

Why do many choose the poor-me-role?

That is still the question. Many, even if they don't want to, choose the poor-me-role. Some believe that this is part of high sensitivity. You know: “Well, they don't understand me. I am different from others. I am… yes, all the things you can think of that keep you in that poor-me-role. ”

The awareness of high sensitivity

Everything in this world consists of consciousness. There are many different layers of consciousness. The energies of those different layers of consciousness seek each other out. Because humans are co-creators, they can choose to join a consciousness that suits them best and create whatever they want there. That is why people are constantly looking for one or more groups in which they feel at home.

We turned 62 this year (2020). We experienced and investigated our high sensitivity in a period where there was no question of high sensitivity yet, at least not like now. You were just a weird kid or whatever. Not so much attention was paid to it. So there was no real definition of high sensitivity. As a result, we were also not influenced by a defined picture of high sensitivity.

More has been learned about hypersensitivity and is still under investigation. One tries to capture high sensitivity within frameworks that could 'possibly' describe what it is. You could say no problem, it only ensures that people gain even more understanding about high sensitivity.

On the one hand, that is true. But if one does not dare to step outside the material, scientific frameworks with the observations and the descriptions that arise from them, one is nothing with those observations. They are then nothing more than frameworks that indicate boundaries.

Now, as far as we are concerned and what we also experience is that high sensitivity is a tremendous spiritual force. We describe this in our insight “High sensitivity is a spiritual tool”.

Why then do many highly sensitive people choose the poor-me-role?

We find that when we respond to people who are in the poor-me-role, “Apparently you enjoy your misery?” Or something like that indicating that they choose to stay in that role, they to get angry. It seems as if they want to defend that role at all costs, in order to continue to hold it. Why do they do that? Do they think that a highly sensitive person 'should' take on a victim role? Does he/she like that role? No, most say, and yet they defend that role. Why?

You see, many questions to think about

We describe in our insight "The awareness of high sensitivity" how it works. If you are really highly sensitive and want a solution that makes your life more pleasant, more spiritual, more joyful, you really want to know how things work. You just WANT a solution.

Use your own thinking skills and your own WILL to get out of the poor-me-role!

Eddy and Rita

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