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The awareness of high sensitivity

In our insight “High sensitivity and the poor-me-role” we write about a collective awareness of high sensitivity. In this consciousness one can find all the information that has ever been defined about high sensitivity. We also wrote that one is a co-creator of that consciousness.

It is not difficult to understand how this works. It can be compared to a storage medium in which everyone can store and retrieve something.

There is also a higher and a lower collective consciousness. Below we describe what happens when one creates from the lower mind into the lower collective consciousness.


Everyone knows that through repetition, one can master certain actions and information. The entire educational process is based on repetition. Certificates and diplomas are awarded to those who are good at repeating the material provided. Anyone who can repeat well is a good student.

Repeat long enough!

If one repeats something long enough, that specific subject, even if it is incorrect, acquires a right to exist. If many people believe that something works as it is believed to work, even if it is not true, it will be absorbed into the collective consciousness that one identifies with. As a co-creator, one is then co-owner of the definitions that - limited and / or not completely true - are included in that consciousness.

Perverting the truth

Because most definitions arise from inadequate observations (not enough spiritual insight into matter) one gets a perverting of, in this case, high sensitivity. These observations and definitions are stored in the lower collective consciousness of high sensitivity.

Through which one starts to draw from the self-co-created, perverted, collective lower high-sensitivity consciousness. From this consciousness the following falsehoods are then drawn as truth; “It is normal for highly sensitive people to have a harder time than others.”, “Due to their high sensitivity, they cannot function as well in a loveless society as others.”, “I am highly sensitive, so a victim of ...”, etc ... People have come to accept this perverting as truth.

Ask yourself ...

By asking yourself whether everything that is defined about high sensitivity and / or is accepted as truth is true, one very often comes to a completely different conclusion. A statement that gives you a clear picture of your own high sensitivity.

It definitely doesn't stop there, because your high sensitivity still has a lot of pleasant surprises in store. These pleasant surprises are stored in the higher collective consciousness. If you have the courage to take a closer look at yourself and put that out that is not meant for you, you will gain access to this higher consciousness. In fact you find out that this has never been closed, you just thought it was closed to you.

Our experience is that that consciousness is inexhaustible. This in contrast to the lower consciousness that must always take into account the boundaries drawn by yourself and others, who believe they have a clear vision of high sensitivity. But only look at what high sensitivity means in norms of inconveniences that should be treated or ignored or should be taken as it is.

Eddy and Rita

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