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Solve your psychological problems!

Oops, psychological problems? I'm not crazy! No, you don't have to be crazy to have psychological problems. In fact, every person has to deal with psychological problems to a greater or lesser extent.

Spiritual path

If one is on the spiritual path, or decides to go that path, one "must" if one wants to evolve further up the spiritual ladder, look at and resolve one's own psychological problems.

psychological problems

As an example we take the idea that one 'should' love everyone. One can fool oneself that one feels love for everyone but at the same time hates others. That is a psychological problem that one "must" face if one wants to continue. The idea that one loves everyone and at the same time hates others operates in the duality consciousness. True love can never flow to everyone. The others, including those one loves, will always be a stumbling block on your path to spiritual realization. The love you feel for others is then not real, it is linked to conditions. Because those I love fit into my mental box and are worthy of my love and the rest are not.

There are many psychological problems that cause one to stop oneself. In this way one can keep thinking that all the problems one has are caused by others. That is a very easy attitude that people adopt. For example, it is "always" the fault of others that you cannot grow spiritually yourself. In fact, one "does not" dare and/or can take responsibility for one's own life. This indicates a spiritual immaturity. The other is given power over their own life. That is a problem that is created and maintained in one's own thinking.

It is also often seen in people who recognize themselves as twin souls with another. He/she who does not want to participate in the thought that you yourself have accepted as truth, then, according to you, is holding back your spiritual growth. This while you have voluntarily given up your "own strength" to the other. This is a major psychological problem that one can often struggle with for many years.

Solve your psychological problems!

If one wants to evolve further on the spiritual path "one must" look at one's own limiting thoughts and visions, to lift them to a higher level where one can resolve them with an energy higher than the problem itself. Looking for the cause of the problem is not an option. One can search for the cause of a particular psychological problem for years, only to find out that the problem was inherited in the upbringing. It is more important to ask oneself how to "solve" the problem.

One "must" make choices! Thoughts, things and also people that are not nourishing must be "clearly" let go. Half-letting go will ensure that one, with one's own energy, remains present in the psychological problem.

When you have solved the problem, you have withdrawn your own energy from it. The problem no longer exists!

Eddy and Rita

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