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Being spiritual, every second of the day

Being spiritual every second of the day? Is that possible? Our experience is that it is indeed possible. Even easy. We are all spiritual beings, it is our natural state of Being. There is only one small problem. ;o) We don't remember it. Somewhere between spiritual life and descending into a human body, we have lost that knowledge.

What is Being Spiritual?

Spirituality is dynamic and therefore difficult to capture in one fixed definition. So what you will read now is a snapshot and always changing.

As far as we are concerned, 'Being Spiritual'  is just 'Life'. We (Eddy and Rita) are not only aware in thinking that we are spiritual beings. We are also aware of it emotionally. Even in our body. Our experience is that if one is aware of one's own spirituality at several levels of being-human, one also starts to live more spiritually.

Good feeling spirituality

Many people are turning away from their own spirituality. One of the reasons is that what is offered as spirituality is a soft boiled egg. It is suggested that spiritual people should speak in a low voice. Always have to be kind. "To love" everyone and more of that nonsense.

It is an image that was created in the last century. It attracted an audience in need of gentleness. There was also a need for more softness to come into the world. Now that "alternative spirituality" has become too soft, everything is getting harder again. This can be seen in the amount of violence everywhere, all over the world.

When humanity threatens to lose itself in an unbalanced passivity, it is offered the opposite of what it chooses and loses itself in. That is quite normal in an unbalanced society. It works that way for individuals too. It's all about obtaining a balanced spiritual experience.

A 'good feeling spirituality' cannot change an imbalance. A meditation for peace, while one cannot find peace (balance) within oneself, will do nothing. On the contrary, violence is still increasing. Most (spiritual) people get disappointed because they do not see the desired reactions to the actions (meditation, praying, ...) they take to bring peace to the world. In other words, they 'don't feel good' about it.

Just be honest with yourself

In order to arrive at the 'True Own Spirituality' it is important to know that one 'MUST' be very honest with oneself. What is the point of telling others how to live, when your own life is not the way you like it? 'Life' should not be a sacrifice. When one presents a faint decoction of one's own 'Spiritual Being', one lies to oneself and others and one is engaged in a sacrifice that carries an 'inferior energy' in itself.

Solving your own problems will bring you higher in vibration. Much higher than sticking to your problems and pretending to pray and / or meditate for peace or whatever.

"In a higher state of consciousness there is not a second in which one doubts about Being Spiritual."

Give yourself the gift of 'Being Spiritual'!

Eddy and Rita

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