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Spirituality and science

What is Science? The simplest explanatory summary of science is “to measure is to know”. Something that is measurable can be described. Descriptions that arise through observations are usually followed by measurable results.

Anything outside of that measurability is unprecedented and "must" be investigated. It remains unprecedented as long as it has not been investigated and / or measured. Some things simply cannot be investigated, because they are sometimes like this and sometimes different.


These measurement results are important to reach conclusions that may lead to definitions. These definitions provide guidance when it comes to results of a material nature. One meter is one meter. In many matters of a material nature, tolerances cannot be afforded. A meter is a meter, 1% more or less can collapse a complicated construction. A simple comparison, if you make 1 leg of a chair ½ cm longer or shorter, the chair will stagger. So the legs must be equal to each other. You are not going to buy a chair with uneven legs.

Chemical compounds become dangerous if not mixed together in the correct amounts. So measuring is also about safety. Measurement is also about money and is therefore important economically. Because people want wages according to work. The time spent on work is measured and one receives a wage for this that is calculated according to a number of criteria.

It is quite simple, in material life everything can be measured with money. Politicians, doctors, civil-law notaries, football players, etc… are given a greater value and therefore deserve a higher reward. Workers have to work harder and receive lower pay. This unequal pay is the result of measurement results in which one person is placed above another. Why should a notary or a football player earn more than a plumber, for example? What's the point of that?

The conclusion is that when it comes to material matters, no or little tolerance is allowed. When it comes to measuring human values, people don't take that very seriously. Which in our view is quite scientifically worthless. With medicines, for example, tolerances are allowed that cause side effects. If one allows the same tolerance for a building, it collapses. There are also people who collapse when taking medicines for a long time. So, scientifically, are people allowed to collapse and buildings not?

A human is not a machine and should not be approached that way. Our science has become mechanical over the years and has been given the pretense that everything is scientifically explainable. She is now (2020) paying the price for it in full corona crisis. The science of the self-erected pedestal has fallen to many people.

Spirituality is not (yet?) Measurable

Science has no or very little interest in spirituality. Simply because it is not measurable. One can measure up to the smallest known particles in matter and then experience that one changes them from matter to energy and vice versa through one's own observations. So one has influence on the matter. And that can at least be called spiritual!

Not in balance

A person who is unaware of his / her spirituality is out of balance. The scientific approach is one that proposes, on the basis of a number of observations, a treatment method aimed at "fixing" defects, without taking into account the spiritual well-being of the human being as a whole. That lack of spiritual understanding of science makes people look for alternative methods that 'might' balance them.

However, those alternative treatment methods are also not the answer. The practitioners usually do have a notion of spirituality. But their methods are aimed at "helping". This is because in their practice they only have to deal with people who ask for help and want to see results. This puts a lot of pressure on the practitioner, which gives him the feeling that he / she "must" come up with results at all costs. That is why almost all methods are only aimed at providing a good feeling. That admittedly is only temporary. So, not permanently.

One thing is certain. The observations and therefore also the frames of reference of both conventional and alternative medicine are limited to the treatment of people who are out of balance. These people do not reflect how a human being could live in his "Most Perfect Form" if he / she were only slightly aware of his / her own spiritual power.

Spiritual power is eternally dynamic and therefore cannot be measured. Infinity cannot be measured. So it is totally uninteresting to scientists.

Eddy and Rita

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