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We just saw a video message from a politician in which she says the following;

“I believe that we should not engage in a symbol struggle. We have to deal with the real problems in society and move forward. Who now thinks that a statue should be knocked down, a book should be burned, just look at history, a certain movie is no longer allowed, just a funny movie. And Black Pete is no longer allowed to come by? What does that change in society? ”

Of course she is right. Violence against public property and culture can never be tolerated. Yet it is necessary - if one wants to see the problems solved - that one gets insights about these actions. Just looking at it with incomprehension will not solve much.

Symbolic acts

Monuments that represent a criminal past of exploitation and oppression are also hard to justify. They are the symbol of a past in which it was considered normal to commit crimes and put oneself on a pedestal with those crimes. This shows that they have no notion and / or regret of the crimes they have committed. These monuments are a glorification of violence. Just like people who have murdered others in times of war are elevated to hero status. They are monuments that seek to elevate violence to the highest good of a nation.

Enough is enough!

On the surface, taking down those status symbols is pointless violence. The deeper meaning of these symbolic acts indicate that the people are tired of living in a violent society. A society that owes its survival to crime and oppression. The people want something completely different. They want to be free and that is only possible by shaking off a violent past.

Understanding or condemnation?

Fighting crime with crime can never be justified. Destroying common good is simply criminal. Ignoring the signals and misunderstanding - of those who have taken the leadership of a people - for where the people want to go can also be called criminal. These leaders show that they are not in place to rule in these changing times. A leader who listens to the people can also think along with the people. Then a symbol battle is not necessary.

There are other options that can speed up troubleshooting. For example, a deeper insight could lead to the demolition of monuments that recall a violent past and convert them into a monument of peace (balance). Just look at the Lion of Waterloo (Belgium), an enormous monument that symbolizes the detachment from the oppression by another country and that emphasizes peace.

Grab culture among politicians all over the world

We still face oppression from those at the helm of their country or nation. They are still in the old mindset that if one is at a certain height in society one can do whatever one wants. Now, the people can no longer tolerate this. Leaders who shamelessly fill their pockets during a crisis are leaders of the old thinking. They only think of themselves and hoist themselves on a pedestal that is far from the people. They pat each other on the back and consider themselves heroes precisely because they can do whatever they want to do.

They are the dinosaurs from a past that the people no longer want. The people want fresh leaders with a vision of the future that is valid for the entire community, for the entire world. Not just for a select group!

As we see it, we are now all in a balancing act.

There is much more to tell, but if one considers the above, one will come to understand a little bit of the meaning of these symbolic acts. We ourselves do not approve of them. We do understand the frustrations they arise from.

Eddy and Rita

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