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Clear up your suspicion and anger!

Update 23-06-2021

Many people are angry. Most don't even know why they are angry. And look outside themselves for those who, they believe, are responsible for it. While it is they themselves who are angry and disappointed.

Clear up your suspicion and anger!

Suspicion is in, these days. Suspicion to governments, to big companies, to rich people,  ...

When it comes down to it, there is always something to be found that one can be suspicious of. And if that is not the case, people will come up with something. Some cutting and pasting and some half-truths (?) that can be tackled in this way, are enough to make the masses even more suspicious and therefore angrier. Spiritual people are also carried away by it.

The fact is, this suspicion and anger will not change much. On the contrary, it requires a lot of energy. It is not a beautiful energy that is released by it. This can be seen in demonstrations that degenerate into destructiveness, a quality fueled by anger.

The divisions on social media and the discussions that result in verbal abuse also ensure that even more lower energy is released. Many, including spiritual people, eagerly and blindly participate. They even forget the idea - that they feel very strongly about themselves - that one should not judge others and that one 'should' love everyone.

Golden opportunities

We live in a time when people are offered golden opportunities to process traumas. Not only traumas from this life but also those from other lives. Suppose you served as a guinea pig during a war situation in captivity? What if you were given injections without your consent? Suppose, in one or more lifetimes, you were tortured and/or killed by government officials, with the knowledge of the government and industry, the wealthy people back then, religious organizations, your own population, etc… Don't you think that in your last hours you have built up a great trauma? Don't you think that affects this life? In the way you think about authorities and vaccinations, for example? Do you think if you persist in suspicion, fear and anger that the world will be better? That persistence will free you from those traumas? ....?

Quite a few people compare the current situation around covid-19 with what happened during the holocaust. A comparison that does not hold, of course. The current situation is completely different. There may be a connection. Possible, because quite a few people 'possibly' had a previous life in that period. A life in which they 'possibly' had to deal with oppression and abuse. Which of course can lead to trauma.

If one can bring skills, interests, etc... from past lives and express them in this life, it is also possible that traumas can be expressed. They are triggered by current events and situations. Your reaction to it determines whether or not you let go of those traumas.

Clean up and let go

We are amazed that many spiritual people rally behind organizations that share information, which is also not always correct. We are amazed that they follow (gibberish) gurus who tell them what to think and that what they (those gibberish gurus) say is all correct.

As a spiritual person you should know better and examine your own thinking and actions for matters that hinder your spiritual growth. Normally you should know that anyway. Maybe you advise others to tidy up and let go. Rather, clear up your own trauma and anger before counseling others. Use your intuition to look further.

A person with a tidy mind is a free person!

Eddy and Rita

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