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Applicable spirituality

When I (Eddy) started to become interested in spirituality at a fairly young age, there were not so many systems and courses that one could follow. At least they didn't cross my path and I didn't look for them either. So I thought there was nothing that could help me.

The start of my search was a feeling that never made me feel good. Nobody knew about this feeling simply because I didn't tell anyone about it. I would have preferred to be released from that feeling immediately, but unfortunately it doesn't work that way. Now I know that feeling was the motivation back then to look for an improvement in my emotional perception. Later I found out that that motivation prompted me to become even more aware in the Divine.

In the beginning I read a lot of spiritual books that I usually did not understand. Yet I kept reading them because I thought that one day I would come across something that could tell me what I could do about that feeling, that lack. But unfortunately, nothing came. There was no book that could give me any insight into that feeling.

Courses, initiations, etc ...

Years, many years later, after having been through a lot in the emotional field, I came into contact with a woman I was going to live with. She put me in touch with a "spiritual" teacher who taught an energetic system. I took courses with him. I was still left with that same unpleasant feeling and thought that if I did my best to understand everything and carefully applied the externalities of that system, I would automatically be released from that feeling.

I went through all stages of the system that this teacher offered. Until I could start teaching myself, which I did (reluctantly). I had already spent a lot of money on those courses and I wanted to get something back from those expenses myself. Of course I did not admit that at the time, because a spiritual teacher does not do it for the money! No, it is about what the student wants to spend on himself! A big joke of course, yet people believe this and are happy to pay what the teacher asks! Even without there being any prospect of improvement, but you never know! But after all this, I still wasn't free from that miserable feeling that I could hide from the outside world well.

Applicability of home, garden and kitchen spirituality

What is it actually about in the (so-called spiritual) alternative event?

The focus is usually on gaining a good feeling. If one can catch a glimpse of happiness after a treatment or an initiation or a ritual, it works according to many people.

In my practice I received people who felt great after a treatment but came back the next week with the same problem and went home with a good feeling to come back the next week, you guessed it, with the same issue. In the meantime, I still had to deal with that feeling that I described at the very beginning of this insight. I really didn't feel like treating any more people, the meaning of all this escaped me completely.

Your will be done!

Religion didn't interest me that much. I did enjoy reading religious scriptures. Not to join some organization, but for the wisdom one can find in it. So God was not really a stranger to me. The punishing god that people generally assume didn't mean anything to me. God was not a man with a long gray beard on a throne, who rewards and punishes people from heaven according to which leg he got out of bed with. God was and is, for Rita and me, an Intelligent Energy that pours His power and Love over all and everything, without making a distinction about actions, color or race.

In 2005, when I was still living with the woman who introduced me to the alternative, I had had enough of everything. Our relationship was not bad, humanly, materially good in fact. But although we were both working on the alternative, that relationship was not fulfilling enough for me. In desperation, I turned to God and, in my despair, expressly let Him know that "YOUR WILL BE DONE!" 14 days later Rita came across my path and my and her life has changed completely. Meanwhile, we have been together since 2005 and we still talk daily about the spiritual path we are walking and what our thoughts are on spiritual topics. We also have in-depth conversations about everyday matters, etc ...

Applicable spirituality

The title suggests that we know how to apply spirituality in daily life. It's pretty easy actually! Get spirituality out of the mysterious corner. Do not make spirituality a hobby and later turn it into a profession where you can earn money. There is nothing wrong with earning money, but there is always something attached to it. Give a little, take a little! The client pays and you are supposed to empower the client. It is a dualistic event. You "think" that you can empower the client. To be able to think that you "must" look at him / her as someone lower than you. The client "thinks" that you can empower him / her and puts himself / herself under you. He / she "must" do that, otherwise it is just pointless to go to you for treatment or whatever.

Even people who do not practice and are "spiritually" engaged may feel superior to others who they believe are not spiritual. This indicates that one plays dualistic games that ensure that as long as one plays them, one does not get an opening to a daily spiritual experience.

It is "only for yourself" important that you understand these mechanisms and say goodbye to them, so that you can withdraw yourself from that dualistic happening. The more insights one obtains about these matters, the more one becomes aware of the unity of all that is, the more one comes to apply a simple but very powerful spirituality in one's own daily life.

A spirituality that cannot be applied in daily life is simply pointless!

Eddy and Rita

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