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A healthy mind in a healthy body

It is very easy to say how it should be. But sometimes one finds out that one does not comply with the thoughts that one spreads about certain matters.

Our experience is that, if one becomes aware of this and also gets to work with it, it will bring about a big change for the better.

In our insight "Man in his Most Natural State of Being", we advocate "a healthy mind in a healthy body." That insight was written in a period when we were still doing strength training and also watched our diet. Later that was watered down, we no longer trained. And we got rid of our scales that were going to show more pounds just to bully us. That way she couldn't bully us anymore.

Healthy mind

We emphasized a healthy mind and started to forget about our bodies a little. There was always something tasty and the tastier, the more of it was served. Often, preceded and accompanied by a nice drink. All this goodness takes its toll of course. At the beginning of this year, Rita sounded the alarm and started training again with the weights we had left. We still didn't have scales and we didn't know how much we weighed. The estimate for both of us was between 95 and 100 kg. We both looked round and healthy. ;o)

Healthy body

This excess weight began to show in painful joints and other ailments. Over time, smooth mobility declined. That can never be the intention of a healthy mind in a healthy body. We shifted the focus, for just a healthy mind also to a healthy body, in order to achieve a balance between matter and mind. We seem to be doing pretty well.

Gym equipment

As indicated earlier, Rita had already started training with weights. I didn't feel like it and she continued training on her own. We also changed our diet, which I did participate in. Until about six weeks ago Rita talked about going to the gym. Given the situation with Covid-19, this was not so easy to fix.

So we bought ourselves a home gym equipment. Rita already had some experience with devices, so that was no problem. Furthermore, you can find all the information you need on the net. It only comes down to filtering out the most suitable information yourself.

The message is to start carefully.

Since we got the device, I have been participating. We just started with 5 kilos (less is not possible) for all exercises. In the meantime, we have already increased the weight for some exercises. Yet there are still exercises that we still do with 5 kilos. Due to a lack of space, the device is in our living room. So we always see it, which is an extra motivation to continue with it. ;o)

In the pictures, we after 6 weeks of training and a slightly longer adjusted menu, +/- 15 kilos lighter. And very proud of what we have achieved so far.

Our minds have become even healthier.

Eddy and Rita

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