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Clearing or breaking energetic cords

In our insight "twin soulship and manipulators" we write that many people think they cannot break the energetic bond with the manipulator they see as their twin soul. We say it can, even in a very simple way. If one is "really" a twin flame, it is simply pointless to sever the energetic bonds. For the simple reason that before they meet, twin souls have nevertheless reached a certain spiritual maturity. A maturity that tells them what their true mission is! This mission has nothing to do with imperfections.

Letting go of the concept of offender - victim

It is necessary to gain some insight into how the concept of perpetrator - victim works. In our insight "twin soulship and victim role" we already provide a number of insights about those workings.

Energetically there are connections that can prevent people from letting go of each other. It is quickly thought that it is impossible to break the energetic connection. Still, it's not that hard to free yourself from someone you don't want to be involved with anymore.

For Rita, letting go is the easiest thing there is. When she is really ready to let go, she says, "I let go!" and that which and / or the person she wants to release has been let go. It's that simple. This is done purely on willpower. It's a good way that actually works when you're ready to let go.

Letting go through visualization

I myself (Eddy) let go in the same way as Rita. In the past, that did not go so well. That's why I took a course in intuitive development. In that course we learned to look at the cords that people have with others. We learned to clean and / or break those cords. It's a way that really works. Depending on the bond one has with a person, one must continue to purify and / or break those bonds if one wants to achieve the desired result. Also keep in mind that the other person may have different thoughts and feelings than you. With one person it will be easier to break ties than with another.

Below I will describe a visualization that worked well for me. There are other methods that work equally well. It all depends on what works best for you right now.


Before starting this visualization, it is important to look at your own state of mind at the moment. It is best not to do this visualization when you are angry. It will therefore have little effect. Simply because anger is low energy and with low energy it is not possible to make positive changes.

In principle, this visualization can be applied anywhere. Even under conditions that are not so peaceful. Still, if one is not familiar with visualizing, one can best isolate oneself in a quiet place where one cannot be disturbed. Music and candles, etc… are not necessary, but if it can calm you down, you shouldn't let it.


  1. The easiest thing to do is to sit in a chair, if possible, with your back straight and feet together. Lying down is also possible. Relax yourself.

  2. Good grounding is important to avoid inventing. So one begins with grounding oneself by visualizing a line or tube from the base to the core of the earth. Wrap this line around the core a few times so that it is secure. Take your time.

  3. Protection is also necessary. Visualize around yourself a hollow sphere of light, make sure it is also under your feet. If you don't get this sphere under your feet, you are not grounded enough yet. First work on your grounding and then put the sphere around your body again.

  4. Then you visualize a sun above your head, from this sun you will soon fill the vacant places with positive energy. Very important, you take something away and there is space that has to be filled again.

  5. Then you visualize the person with whom you want to clear or break the cords, outside of your own energy field, in front of you. Put a sun above this person's head as well. Look at the cords that connect you and put a ground in the middle of those cords that will allow you to flow into the core of the earth.

  6. If the intention is to purify the cords, you let energy flow through the cords from your sun. Let energy flow through the cords from the sun of the other. The two energies meet in the middle and take the impurities, through the grounding, to the core of the earth. If it does not work with all cords at the same time, it is best to do one cord at a time.

    Let the energy flow for a while. Do not break the cords, disconnect the ground and let them disappear into the ground. Proceed to point 9.

  7. If you want to break the cords, then then visualize a pair of gold scissors and carefully cut the cord on yourself and the other as close to the body as possible. Then allow the cord to be carried through the grounding in the middle of the cord deep into the earth.

  8. It is very important that you fill the vacant places on yourself and others. With yourself from your own sun, with the other from his / her own sun. Let this work for a while!

  9. To conclude, you can let all the energy you have ever spent on this relationship come back to you purified.

  10. Come out of your visualization and enjoy your renewed state!

This visualization is very extensive. You may forget to do something. That's okay, it will work out better next time. Practice makes perfect! Don't be too quick to think that after one visualization you will be rid of that person.

Certainly not if you are dealing with a manipulator, a manipulator also has various tools to keep you where he / she wants you. It is up to you, if you have broken the cords, to say goodbye to this person physically, emotionally and mentally! Just breaking energetic cords makes no sense.

Eddy and Rita

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