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Twin soulship and victim role

For this insight we chose the twin soulship as the theme. Of course, what we wrote also applies to other relationships. Manipulation often occurs in what is commonly seen as 'twin soulship'.

In our previous insight we wrote that the concept of perpetrator - victim can only exist if both fulfill their roles with flying colors. The better one plays the role, the more energy one releases to feed the psychic realm. We describe that psychic realm in other insights. We call it that. Others speak of satan, dark forces, anti-christ, demons, fallen beings, vengeful god, etc… We place it all under the heading of psychic realm. They are all after the energy released by the suffering of human and animal beings. The psychic realm is not picky about that at all, energy is energy.

Perpetrator - victim role?

If we take a look at the word victim ( in Dutch victim is 'slachtoffer', slacht=slaughter and offer=sacrifice) we see two words that are combined, 'slaughter' and 'sacrifice'. Slaughter means killing and sacrifice is a gift. Usually something that one gives to some lesser god who would have asked for it. Many victims also fall in wars, this to the honor and greater glory of the psychic realm. The energy that is released is anything but high.

To make victims there must always be perpetrators. These perpetrators "must" feel that they are supported in their manipulations and think that what they are doing is good for others and even for the community.

The big joke is that the perpetrators are also victims of the psychic realm. Because they have a certain arrogance, they are not aware of it, they know no better than that they are doing well. In the "alleged twin soulship" the perpetrator will therefore believe that he / she is manipulating to get the other to move. And in a sense it is. Very often people are stuck on their spiritual path. They think that if their life is quiet, then they have reached the highest spiritual level. The fact that they are entering a relationship that is not peaceful should provide sufficient insight that they are stuck on their spiritual path.

Unfortunately, these people usually receive the wrong information, about a twin soul in disharmony, so that they start acquiring the victim role. It is very important to note that the concept of "twin soulship in disharmony" by the psychic realm was deliberately created to keep spiritual people away from their own spirituality. Where there is disharmony, the higher energy is lowered to the point that the psychic realm can absorb it. Both, perpetrator and victim, participate and are therefore both responsible for what they do with their own energy.

Be one

A deeper understanding of how the perpetrator-victim concept works would be a first step in the right direction. There can never be a deeper insight if one continues to regard the division perpetrator - victim as true. One can never come to a higher understanding of unity. We always say that the purpose of twin souls is to unite themselves in oneness and show that oneness to the world.

A true twin flame shows that it is possible to transcend the artificial, false division male-female. What one shows in a twin soulship in disharmony is a perverting of the "true twin soulship". This kind of twin soulship emphasizes the split. A split that goes completely against the natural, human knowing that all is one. That is why there is so much misery in it.

Polarity reversal from victim to offender

It is often seen that people who have assumed the role of victim for a long time and suddenly have had enough, turn themselves into perpetrators. They resolve never to be caught in the same situation again. They do everything they can to become powerful and then begin to manipulate others themselves. They believe that they have the right to make those others pay for everything that has been done to them by others. They don't care if their victim did something to them or not. Someone has to pay.

These reversed perpetrators also remain in a victim role. They "think" that they are a step higher than before but still give their energy away to the lower. They may have a sense of freedom but in essence they allow themselves to be manipulated and deceived by the psychic realm. They work to transform spiritual energy into a lower vibration, so that the dark blanket that hangs over this planet becomes even denser.

Free yourself from these manipulations

There is only one way to free oneself from the manipulations of the psychic realm. Stop playing a role that is absolutely not nourishing for yourself, the community or the world. There is already enough violence in the world, you really don't have to go a step further by staying in an abusive relationship. By violence we don't just mean physical violence. Manipulations are just as violent. Anything that makes you think you are unworthy to see yourself as a "True Spiritual Being," a "Child of the True God," is violent. Whether someone else is doing this to you or you are doing it to yourself makes no difference!

Every human being is a potential master and is therefore empowered to claim his own strength!

Eddy and Rita

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