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Twin soulship and manipulators

For this insight we chose the twin soulship as the theme. Of course, what we wrote also applies to other relationships. Manipulation often occurs in what is commonly seen as 'twin soulship'.

A good example of manipulation is what is now called narcissism. We are not that for labels. They suggest that if you call someone a narcissist, for example, he / she is a bad person. A person is more than the label that one puts on it! There is always a supply and demand. If enough people come to a higher consciousness, there will be less demand for violence.

Perpetrator - victim

In order to express narcissism, there must always be someone who is the opposite. Without the opposite, narcissism is just pointless. There must always be two energies opposite each other. On the one hand one has according to what is then called: the narcissist, on the other hand one has the victim of the narcissist.

People dealing with oppression, violence, etc… are always referred to as victims. Recently, someone on FB suggested that when you call someone a narcissist, there is always someone who cooperates as a victim. She called it the co-narcissist. And that is precisely the role that the victim plays in this dualistic event. When the victim has had enough of this dualistic game and withdraws his / her energy from it, no more can be played. The perpetrator-victim duality is then put on non-active. The game continues as long as the victim and the perpetrator play their part with flying colors.

Hard school

Quite a few people who are engaged in a spiritual way have often already had a very hard school. They have often been hit a lot. Most attract this hard school because they think that misery makes them grow more spiritually. Of course you get what you ask for. At a certain point they have had enough of that hard school and they want peace in their lives. They get that rest.

In fact, they are going to enjoy that rest for a while, until they have had enough of it again. Then they want some spice in their lives again. What one asks, one gets. If you do not specifically state what you want, you will get poured out what you wear and can handle. For some, this results in attracting another person who you may recognize as a twin soul. Later it turns out that that person is not what you expect. This person turns out to be a first-class manipulator.

The "victim" complains in the outside world and therefore receives a lot of attention. That's the reward for the victim. The reward for the manipulator is that the victim voluntarily takes the blame for his / her wrongdoing. He / she enjoys the power game to the fullest. Of course he / she "must" enjoy it to the fullest, otherwise he / she wouldn't play the part properly. What is one with a manipulator who does not enjoy his / her actions and consequently does not comply with the manipulatorship?

Of course everyone thinks the culprit is a bastard. One may think that, but this will never lead to a deeper understanding of this dualistic game. The victim does not understand what his own responsibility is in this event.

What if you really had enough of the game?

The current misleading information about twin soulship in disharmony causes everyone to consider that image normal. It's a programming that even new-age counselors accept as truth. For them, the twin soul is anything but romantic, harmonious. So it should be, according to them, also for all twin souls. Point. That twin soulship is harmonic, as we prove it in our daily lives and in our insights, does not occur to them. That is because they are still teachers of the hard school. If one wants to achieve something on a spiritual level, they "must" be able to suffer! No growth without suffering, etc ...

Our experience is that one can say goodbye to that hard school to ascend even higher up the consciousness ladder in harmony. The hard school is a program that keeps you away from your spiritual growth. It comes from the suppression of the "True Self".

Energetic connection

We read quite often in reports from people who are in the hard school with their "possible twin soul" that they have an energetic connection with him / her that is impossible to break. How can one break an energetic bond if one assumes that for the sake of the twin soulship, one has to undergo everything to learn from and that the energetic bond cannot be broken? This thought clearly shows that it is not yet finished. They don't have enough of all this yet, they want to play a bit more.

A "true twin soulship" cannot be broken energetically, nor is it intended to break that bond. But in a relationship that only aims to stimulate you to deeper insights, that bond can be broken!

All it takes is the will to let go of the "perpetrator" and "never" again, under any circumstances, allow it into one's own life. If one has a little insight into the energetic happening, you know that as a victim you have really been "hooked" by the manipulator. He / she has the ability to put an energetic hook, or several hooks in your energy field. You even feel the pain from those hooks.

Put aside the tendency to pass the blame on to the perpetrator, after all, you are in the game. You are also partly responsible. As long as you continue to deny this, you will continue to play the victim role.

Breaking energetic bonds

Above we indicate that one can break the energetic bonds if one wants to. First and foremost, and this is very important: one "must" be convinced that one has had enough of the game and that one never wants to get in again. One "must" also clearly want to leave the hard school. One "must" make it clear that one wants something completely different, something more loving, in life. Spiritual growth "should" come first in your life. When one comes to a standstill on the spiritual path, one is again offered something unpleasant, so that one is "started up" again.

Withdraw your energy completely from the victim role and surrender your body, heart, soul and mind to your "own Divine Self"! After that, never bother with manipulators again, it is 'NOT' your job to change them! It is - in the first instance - your task to put your 'OWN LIFE' in order!

Eddy and Rita

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