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Duality consciousness: cause of all misery

In our previous insight "duality consciousness and free will" we wrote that the dual is there to give us the opportunity to choose between two opposites. If no choice is possible, "free will" is simply pointless.

Duality or Polarity?

However, a distinction should be made between polarity and duality, in our insight "duality" we describe how we ourselves define these two concepts. Thus, duality always involves two aspects that are diametrically opposed to each other. In the duality consciousness one brings about a separation on the basis of one's own dual perceptions. From this consciousness one cannot do anything but divide everything into two opposite values: "good and bad". This division can never lead to a higher vision in unity.

While polarity are two opposite aspects that work together to make a movement. Everything on earth consists of opposites, who need each other to initiate a movement. One cannot exist without the other. A deeper understanding of polarity can lead to knowing that the "seemingly opposite aspects" are there to maintain a dynamism that is never-ending.

The idea of ​​being a separate being

The majority of people here on Earth live under the belief that they are separate beings. As a result of which they have the idea that one can do anything to harm others without being bothered by it. These thoughts can only arise from a limiting view in which it is considered "good" to harm and / or even kill others for a "good cause". While harming and / or killing other living beings can never be "good".

Holy Trinity

The idea of ​​the Holy Trinity is designed to ignore one important aspect of the human, Divine experience. In the Holy Trinity only mention is made of the Father (Source), the Son (male component) and the Holy Spirit (the Divine, nourishing aspect). The female component is thus deliberately presented as insignificant, non-existent, even harmful. Thus it 'seems' that the feminine is unimportant. To say that the word "Son" also applies to "daughter" stems from ignorance and the desire to equate the feminine with the masculine. By placing the two energies under one denominator (son) one ignores the opposing forces that need each other to obtain a necessary balance.

“Where two or three are together in My name ...

… There I am in their midst! ” can be read in the Bible. With two it is made clear that when two opposites, aware of the fact that it is necessary to work together in order to achieve a higher way of being, God is in their midst. The third refers to the Christ consciousness. Two opposites, along with the Christ consciousness, bring the Holy Spirit of God to the earth.

Duality consciousness: cause of all misery

The cause of all misery is that one, very often unconsciously, distances oneself from the opposite force. This usually stems from the thinking that one is taught in the upbringing. In many religions women are "deliberately" presented as unimportant (indicating that the feminine energy does not belong in this world). This is done in order to manipulate the believers into doing things that are totally against the "basic human thinking" that originally indicates that it is not right to harm others.

If the masculine and feminine, within the 'individual', work together in a balanced way, this individual is 'no longer' manipulable. Not from your own thinking and not from outside!

The masculine is the expanding force and the feminine the contracting force. I myself (Eddy) was before Rita and I met each other not aware of that masculine power. Until we moved in together and Rita's ex was at the door. I was so furious that I wanted to fly out and give him a beating. Something that I would never have done for any of my previous partners. Luckily, Rita was there to stop me from doing crazy things. In myself I felt that masculine power that wanted to go out. Fortunately, Rita was there to curtail that power. Afterwards we often laughed about it.

This is a small example that could have had major consequences. What if Rita had just let me do it? Without realizing it, there was already a balance between the masculine and feminine in our being together. This balance kept both of us from using force that could lead to even more imbalance. In that one small moment we have chosen something greater, more Divine than causing and sustaining misery. We have not had any more problems with this man afterwards.

Masculine, feminine in society

Societies and groups in which the feminine is considered inferior can only have a destructive effect, because there is no limit to the expanding force. Societies and groups that regard the masculine as subordinate do not come into their power because, through the contracting force, they limit themselves to accepting situations that are not nourishing. There is no expansion, no growth possible.

It is really the intention to gain insights about the cooperation of these two forces, which are active within "every person", in order to achieve a balanced life. A partnership in which the Divine is given free access to manifest Itself here on Earth!

“Where two are together in My Name, I am in their midst!”, Clearly indicates that deep insights into the dual irrevocably lead to "spiritual realization"! The third component, the Holy Spirit, the Christ, the Divine Love, fulfills the promise: "Where two or three are together in My Name, I am in their midst!" However, a start is made on uniting the two "apparent" opposites.

Eddy and Rita

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