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Duality consciousness and free will

The regular reader of our insights may have noticed that we keep talking or writing about us or we. Once in a while to really make it clear that it concerns one aspect of the two of us, we speak or write about Eddy or Rita or one of us.

We do this very consciously. We do this because it is extremely important to transcend the duality consciousness. So that one can get some idea of ​​what it is like to work together as a masculine and a feminine aspect. This cooperation is of great importance to come to a higher spiritual understanding. We assume that if two people, who are seen as opposites in human thinking, can work together, it is also possible to unite these two aspects within themselves.


It is absolutely not our intention to explain where the duality consciousness comes from. That in itself is quite complex and at the same time very simple. The origin is not really important. What is important is that with the right, nourishing insights one can dissolve this duality within oneself.

Duality is important in the sense that one can make a choice, if no choice can be made duality is simply meaningless.

Free will?

Free will can only work if one can make choices. Choices are only possible if there are at least two options. These possibilities "must" be the opposite of each other. Initially one can choose between two aspects. Let's call one aspect "good" and the other "bad". There are a lot of variations on "good" and "bad" but in the end they all come down to these two aspects. Quite a few people believe there are no bad choices. According to them, all choices are good because they would lead to deeper insights.

If all choices are right, one can only choose the right. If those choices that end badly are so good, one no longer has to choose. Jahooeee, everything is good !!! But of course it doesn't work that way. To think that all choices are right implies a childlike view of the workings of free will, this view can never lead to a clear choice.

Not choosing is also choosing

Whether one makes a choice or not, one always chooses. If one is dissatisfied with something or one's own life and one does nothing to change that, one also makes a choice. Then one speaks of acceptance. So one chooses to accept that situation. Usually this is done because they "think" that they cannot change their own life or situation. But acceptance in most cases stems from laziness. It is much easier to do nothing and settle for the old familiar. So one chooses with free will to stay where one is. If one does that, one must settle for the consequences of that choice.

Others makes choices for you

Even if one leaves the choices to others, one makes a choice to trust those others on their word and follow them. So, every choice one makes is its own!

Possibility for spiritual growth

So duality is there to give you the opportunity to use your free will. As long as one does not make a clear choice about what one really wants in life, one will be presented with situations that require a clear choice. Of course, one can freely choose to accept these situations as they are. But by accepting them one indicates that one is not getting enough of them. This works both ways, good or bad.

In 2005 we both announced that we had had enough of the life we ​​had then and that we wanted something completely different. Without knowing each other, we made this known to the Divine at almost the same time and 14 days later we came across each other's path. We then had to choose between staying where we were or continuing together. We chose the latter. This choice has accelerated us in spiritual consciousness. Our lives would have been completely different if we had not made that choice. Today we don't have to make so many choices anymore. We do choose to stick to choices that are spiritually nourishing for both of us!

One can dissolve duality by choosing it out of 'free will', by lifting one's own consciousness to a spiritual experience.

Eddy and Rita

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