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In previous insights we indicated that we prefer to talk about "polarity" than about "duality". Polarity indicates that there is a current that carries the dynamics of "Life Itself".

In the "Unity Consciousness" there is only "polarity", duality is completely unknown. When one is on the way to the "Unity Consciousness" one should study the workings, the thinking and the experience of the duality, which ensures that everything in this world is stiff and difficult.


Duality always implies a split. Man cannot live in a balanced way in dual thinking. The subdivision of two opposites is only done in order to gain insight into the polarity, the - and the +, which provides a flow that keeps everything working here on earth. In principle, after these considerations, one should turn back to the Unity Consciousness. How tiny this "seems" to be in itself. The further one progresses in 'Unity thinking', the more clearly one sees the 'balance' in one's own life and this world.

All good things come from above!

In dual thinking, everything is divided into opposites, in which one introduces one's own preferences. Every subject is going to be divided into good and bad. Our observation is that there is only a subdivision in vibration. There is a "lower vibration" and there is a "higher vibration". When all good things come from above, it can be said that a positive expression is higher in vibration than the negative one. This is not a value judgment, they complement each other. Remove one vibration and everything comes to a standstill in the dual world.


The most famous quality of the "Unity Consciousness" is Love, this Love is split up in the dual mind as love-hate.

We like to take Master Jesus as an example. He was a Man who very strongly felt and put into practice the Love of the Father (God). Many people were fascinated by this. Still! He could explain in a very simple way how duality works and how one can arrive at "Unity Consciousness".

He knew that besides this Love, there was also hate. He saw right through people and told them what their shortcomings were and how they could balance the Love-hate within themselves. By which they could undoubtedly start to live in the "Unity Consciousness."

He didn't mince words. In dual thinking this can be seen as "judging". Viewed from the unity consciousness, Master Jesus saw all as children of God who by their thinking and acting had strayed far from a "Divine Life." In the dual world one speaks of: “Everyone his own truth”. The Consciousness that Master Jesus lived in was “The Truth”, “The Unity Consciousness” that He knew every human being, without exception, has access to.

He saw teaching as a task assigned to Him by the Father. And my God, how they hated Him for that. He was so hated that He had to immediately disappear from the visible plan. But Love has led to the fact that now more than 2000 years later, the life and teachings of Master Jesus are still central to the thinking and experiencing of many people who are desperately looking for their "Own Origin".


In the "Unity Consciousness" all lower vibrations are lifted into a "Higher Plan" and only "Love" remains. As long as man lives and thinks in duality, the "Unity Consciousness" cannot be brought forth!

Eddy and Rita

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