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Divine Signals

Divine signals, also called inspirations, are continuously sent to man.

These signals manifest themselves in different ways. They are adapted according to the situation and the consciousness one is in. The trick is to receive these signals, recognize them and also do something with them.


When one speaks of Divine, one immediately thinks of God. A small three-letter word that straightens the hair of many people. We ourselves have no problem with that word. We do not see God as a person. We see God as an Energy, which is "All-Pervasive" and which keeps everything alive in the Universe known and unknown to us.

New age, alternative, religion,…?

We have nothing to do with New Age, alternative healing methods or religions. We just go our own way and do not impose any dogmas on the Divine. Dogmas are not only found in religions, they can be found in the alternative as well as in the new age.

Freedom of thought

Not accepting general ideas gives us great freedom of thought. In this freedom we have put our lives at the service of God. Whatever is service to "All That Is", not just to some people or groups of people.

Responding to Divine Signals

To respond truthfully to Divine signals, one "must" have great discernment. One "must" be able to determine for himself whether the signals actually come from a higher or a lower energy. Signals coming from a higher energy are always nourishing and respectful to the whole. They will never instigate destructive actions. The results often take a while, but once they are visible, they are sustainable.

The more one listens to and acts upon the Divine signals, the fewer problems one has and the more joyful one's own life becomes.

Eddy and Rita

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