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Trust in God?

In our previous insight, we wrote about the Divine signals that are continuously sent to humans.

In this insight we write a story that we once read in a book - we think of Osho - that has stayed with us for a long time. It is a short story that illustrates how man says he trusts God strongly but actually has difficulty recognizing the signals intended for him as coming from a Divine intervention. As a result of which he only trusts his own thinking, and it does not end well with him.


There was a man who believed very strongly that if anything happened, he would be saved by God Himself.

One day it happened! There was a flood and he would finally be able to prove that his faith was very, very strong. No matter how hard the people tried to get him, he would stay, knowing that God would save him. The water kept rising. It was already so high that people had to evacuate with boats. The villagers passing by kept asking him to come along and he kept telling them God would save him. They would see when the time came.

When the water had already reached the first floor of his house, another boat passed by. People kept asking him along and again he said with great conviction that God would save him. He continued to believe strongly that God Himself would somehow pick him up and bring him to safety.

The water kept rising and eventually he sat on the ridge of the roof of his house. Another boat passed by, and again he insisted that his trust in God was so strong that God would save him personally.

When the water came to his lips he began to doubt a little and wondered where God was and whether He - the one who believed in God so strongly - had not been forgotten. In the end the man drowned. In his desperation he asked God why He could so abandon him who was so deeply religious.

The answer from God was this: “My dear, I know you are deeply religious. I sent three boats along. What more could I do? ”.

The moral of the story?

The Divine signals are so logical, so simple that one very often ignores them and gets even deeper into trouble.

Eddy and Rita

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