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Deep insights

Deep insights, what are they and what do they look like? What does one feel when one gets a deeper insight? What do you do with it? Do you share this insight with others? Are you going to work with it yourself? Are these insights permanent or are they lost after a while? Is it meant to be shared with others?

Simple insights

Our experience with deep insights is that they are so simple that you can make them up yourself. They are not spectacular. A blackberry bush does not spontaneously set fire. There is not a thunderous voice from heaven. There is no fireworks.


Deep insights can suddenly come to you. But hey, you already knew. And indeed, you already knew but you haven't paid any attention to it until then. Then you can say that you were not ready yet for those insights. Which we think is rubbish. Your focus was just elsewhere and you didn't need that insight at the time. Deep insights come to you when they can support you in your daily life. They are, as it were, asleep within yourself.


Deep insights can be quite disappointing, especially if one expects something more ornamental. One may then feel that they have no value. If one shares the newly acquired insight with others, without having done anything with it, one often gets to hear from others that they have known it for a long time. As a result of which one becomes disappointed and nothing more is done with that once beautiful insight.

It is all within you

Everything you need is within you! The body has a self-healing function. Likewise, the mind or thought has its own regulating function. This function can be stimulated by paying attention to the simple insights that every person carries. They are the same for every person, but not every person deals with them in the same way. Which in turn determines the value that one gives to it.

You choose what to do with deep insights. Are you going to work with them or are you letting them go to waste?

Deep insights are common goods

Deep insights are ingrained in our collective, spiritual consciousness and are therefore "common goods". They are there primarily to enrich the human being who takes them in with divine, inspiring, higher thoughts. The intention is that the person who receives these insights will also deepen them in himself. So that he / she can start living according to those insights.

In this way one gets a life in wisdom. One then becomes wisdom oneself. In that wisdom one can decide to share the deeper, simple insights with others. If one shares deep insights without living them oneself, these insights do not get where they should go. Although the insights are true, they lack the truth of wisdom.

Eddy and Rita

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