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Transparency is a spiritual quality

Wanting to be spiritual is primarily a pursuit of Truth. A Truth that is so transparent, so translucent, that it illuminates everyone's being. There is then only a simple Truth that transcends all “Yes buts”. From that simple Truth one can easily say that one has "nothing to hide". Which is a rather silly statement when one 'does' have something to hide. Even if one "thinks" that one has something to hide, spiritual thinking and experiencing is completely lost in this thinking.

A simple transparent life

A simple, transparent life is only possible if one "self" transcends all "Yes buts" that arise from fear. As a result of which one enters a consciousness, where all previously so important matters acquire a different value. The intention is to think about whether one's own fears are well-founded or not and whether one is only fed by the fears of others.

Is it important to have nothing to hide?

Unless one has a public job, no one cares whether or not one is fair. So it is only important for yourself that you live a life without fear that things will come out that could weigh you down. If one presents oneself to the outside world as an honest person who has nothing to hide, when this is not the case, one lives in constant fear that this will come true. And fear is not conducive to spiritual growth.

A life in unity

Living in unity implies an open attitude of every individual. There is nothing to hide! Everything that is undertaken is in the interest of the community. There is no difference between individuals. One knows the other by oneself. Quite a few people worry that their uniqueness will be lost in that unity. Our experience is that at a higher spiritual level (no value judgment), every person is equal and yet unique. What is unique and the talents that one has been given belong to the individual from the beginning and can therefore 'never' be lost!

Eddy and Rita

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