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Twin Soul Man

In the years that Rita and I have been together (since 2005) I have been able to develop into a real man with spiritual qualities. Thanks to her I was able to let go of the false thoughts about spirituality.

Thoughts that I had collected over the years before we got to know each other and that I had also accepted as truth. 25 years of collecting thoughts from others simply fell apart.

Letting go

Now one might suppose that letting go of those thoughts collected in 25 years time would be difficult. On the contrary, I felt, as part of a twin soul, that I "had to" let go of them. The only alternative was 'to let go of each other' and that was just the last thing I wanted. Imagine, the Woman of your life comes your way and you are going to let her go because of some ideas, from others, that you have collected in the past. That would be crazy!

Will it come naturally?

No, it does not come naturally. I found myself stuck in those ideas, they were a kind of anchor to which I had attached my spirituality. Suddenly, a woman comes into my life who questioned everything I told and believed. She had not received any kind of training and had no spiritual knowledge, and yet she knew how to touch me so deeply with the words she spoke to me.

Those words were so simple that I "had to" listen to what she had to say. How often I felt resistance to those words cannot be counted. And yet I was always aware that I had no choice but to just listen to the words she shared with me. There was always a voice in me urging me to listen. She herself is a very simple woman who still maintains that she knows nothing and has nothing to say.

This simplicity touches me very deeply in my Being, in my heart, in my thinking, in every fiber of my body. She is the mirror for my "True Spirituality"!

I thank God on my bare knees for reuniting with my 'true twin soul'!


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