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The label 'lightworker'

Rita and I are not really in touch with the term 'lightworker'. We do not feel the need to place ourselves under any particular label.

We believe that every human being, whether they consider it important to call themselves Lightworker or not, is meant to rise to a higher consciousness in which to be a "shining example" to others.

The idea that people 'should' help others stems from human thoughts that lead you to think that you are doing 'something good'. For many people (lightworkers) it is a trap, in which they put the well-being of others above their own.

We do not call ourselves 'lightworkers' but, with our insights, encourage people to explore and accept their own Divinity.

A small consideration: according to what we could read in a message from a 'lightworker', would there be hundreds of thousands of lightworkers in the Netherlands? Shouldn't they radiate high energy together? An energy that should change a lot for the better? Are things going so well in the Netherlands? Is the world doing so well?

One can only lift one's own consciousness if one really wants to mean something to this world as a lightworker.


If your 'own life' is not good 'you' have to work on that and 'not' on that of others.

Change the world, start with yourself!

Eddy and Rita

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