Quite a few spiritual seekers like to use the term "5D" to indicate that they are in some sort of divine state. They like to tell about it in extensive descriptions that are quickly pushed aside because of being unintelligible. What one describes seems to be a fantasy world.

5D? It doesn't mean anything to us, most descriptions must be fantasy, because if one takes a look at what the authors further write about their normal daily life, it appears that most of them do not get their lives in order. Usually they have emotional problems, very often also relational problems. Which indicates that one is not in balance with the masculine and feminine aspect within oneself.

The writing from this state can never be complete. One cannot be in an emotional stressful state and in a divine state at the same time. The divine state does not come until one is in the flow of "True Life".

In "True Life" all obstructing matters are swept away, so that one enters a slightly higher consciousness. From this slightly higher consciousness one evolves further to higher levels of consciousness in which one is constantly challenged to go even further. This is not possible if one simply assumes that one has reached the very highest here on earth.

The illusion 5D

5D is an illusion that one receives from the psychic realm. The idea 5D likes to make you think that you are already there and that it is time to start working on others, even if your own life stinks. For the sake of "service" you just have to add that. However, the truth is that one gets a sense of superiority over others and that is exactly what the psychic realm wants. It wants you to lower the higher energy that you receive into a consciousness in misery so that it can feed itself on it. It also wants you to feel superior to others, which gives you the feeling that you are doing well. Even though it is not.

Claiming that you live in 5D when your life is not the way you would like it - even if it is just a vague feeling - is destroying your own spiritual awareness. You are then a puppet that lowers energy for the psychic realm.

0D, 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D. 5D?

If one searches on the dimensions that are known here on earth, one finds the following; 0D = a point, 1D = a line, 2D = a plane, 3D = shape, 4D = time. 5D would be an inner world, in which one lives peacefully and in love with all that is. One can indeed create such a fantasy world from one's own thinking. One can create the idea that one has nothing more to learn. Yet one simply remains physically (3D) present on this planet.

One continues to live under the influence of the lower dimensions. In these dimensions one, as a self-conscious being, has to deal with other influences operating from the emotional, mental and identity realms. These influences determine who you "think" you are, what you feel and what you think. The idea that one lives in 5D while one does not even get the normal life in order is presented to you from the psychic (mental) realm, that tells you that those few damaging emotions, those little obstructive thoughts, that little feeling of smallness, that little bit of superiority. , ... may be there, because they make you human. If one lives in 5D one may (according to the psychic realm) push them aside, consider them as non-existent.

The male and female in balance

It is imperative that every person balances the masculine and feminine within themselves. Only in this way does one come into harmony with oneself and all that is. If one still experiences difficulties in daily life, it is an indication that one is not in balance. When one has emotional (however vague) problems one is out of balance. If one has relationship problems, this means that there is a lack of insight into that relationship, then one is not in balance. Certainly not if you assume that the other person is a mirror to you. When one has thoughts based on fear one is out of balance. If one has a feeling of inferiority, or other thoughts that make one feel small, or thoughts in which one is superior to others, one is not in balance. Those who are not in balance cannot move on to a higher consciousness.

Many people describe 5D in such a way that they think they will never get it done in this life. Throw out the 5D idea and start cleaning up your life!

There is only one way to move on to a higher consciousness and that is to balance one's own life, the emotional, the mind, and the person one "thinks" to be.

Eddy and Rita

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