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Guilt feelings

Guilt feelings ensure that one will not and will never be able to surrender to "True Being".

Where do feelings of guilt come from?

You may also know it? In the morning you wake up feeling guilty. You take a moment to find out where that feeling comes from and you can't find anything that could justify a feeling of guilt. Where does that unpleasant feeling come from?

Original sin

Wikipedia says, "Original sin, according to Christian doctrine, is the sinfulness that each person adheres to by birth as a result of the fall of the first human couple."

In the different churches reference is made to the sinfulness of man during the services. In the confession of guilt, one should pat oneself on the chest and admit guilt to the entire community, with the following words: "by my fault, by my fault, by my most grievous fault". Ordinary fault is therefore not enough, one still has to make it a GRIEVOUS fault. If no guilt feelings arise from that, we don't know either!

Eastern Philosophy

Eastern philosophy is also not averse to some guilt feelings. Depending on your behaviors, you build up karma. You have good karma but also bad karma. Both "would" carry you through all incarnations. In the alternative event, this Eastern view is eagerly adopted for lack of solid explanations. If one has no explanation for a particular unpleasant situation, "dissolving karma" is an easy, "unverifiable" explanation.

One will have misbehaved in a previous life and one "must" pay for it now. There is always something that can stimulate feelings of guilt. There will always be something to be made up for.

Sense of norm and value

In the absence of a sense of norm and value, feelings of guilt can prove their worth. It "can" stop the person who feels guilty from doing things that are not appropriate for society.

Someone who lives in "Higher Thinking" has a high sense of norm and value and does not need guilt feelings. This person 'knows' what is appropriate and what is not.

Psychic field

In several insights we refer to the psychic field. This field makes clever use of "all" negative feelings that enter a person's mind. When someone wants to rise to a higher way of life, that person will be plagued again and again by unpleasant, vague feelings.

If one is not bothered by these "attacks" in the awake state, the psychic field will work during sleep. For example, during dreams one is presented with all kinds of images and situations, through which feelings of guilt can still penetrate. Then it is possible that you will wake up in the morning with a huge guilt feeling. Just like that, without any reason.

Can anything be done about that?

* Insights into the psychic field are a great help.

* Do not fear the psychic field, it is an illusion fed by negative feelings, such as suffering, fear, false insights, etc.

* Do not appease yourself or let yourself be led to believe that "it can all be there". The psychic field "does not belong" to a "Higher Consciousness"! It works only in the lower mind. When sleeping one is unconscious and easily susceptible to lower thoughts. Which means that one can wake up in the morning with a feeling of guilt.

* Focus as much as possible on your own Soul and on God. "God is good!"

* Don't let anyone tell you that you are a sinful person! It is only a sin that one "does not" live in a "Higher Consciousness"!

Go with your head held high, because you carry God in you!

Eddy and Rita

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