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Letting go of your twin soul?

Why in God's name should you let go of your twin soul? What is its purpose? Do you serve a higher purpose with that?

There are quite a few stories about twin souls letting go of each other and the pain that this entails, but also a liberation at the same time. Incomprehensible to us. Maybe we are a bit too simple to understand all these complicated things. We just don't see any use in letting go of your twin soul. For us, letting go of your twin soul has no spiritual value, on the contrary.

The energetic force that holds us all together

The energy that holds us all together is always trying to harmonize all that is. Only man is able to accept or not accept this harmony. When you then meet your twin soul you are right in the Divine flow, you can move mountains together, as it were. Who knows how many lives have you been looking for each other? And when you finally found each other, you decide, for whatever vague reasons, to let go of each other. Don't you see how absurd this creation (because it is, your own creation) is? As if it is not enough, you will come up with all kinds of things to justify this letting go. This makes it even more absurd.

The Divine takes every opportunity

We can only think of one thing why you would let go of your twin soul. That person you thought was your twin soul is not. He / she is just a 'soul mate' who is very close to you. The encounter with such a soul mate gives an 'almost identical feeling'. It also works much the same as with twin souls. Why is this so? Quite simply, with a soul mate, spiritual growth is, to a certain extent, also possible and the "Divine takes every opportunity" to prompt you to seek your "true harmonic nature."

My twin soul is not available

When your twin soul is not available the Divine will give you someone else as a partner, especially when you ask for it yourself. What do you mean, my twin soul is not available?

First, your twin soul must be in embodiment.

He / she is only free during incarnation when a 'certain spiritual level' has been reached. For example, it is necessary that you both have a certain "natural control" over your own emotions. This control allows you to appreciate the feelings that pass by. It takes courage to resist outside influences. An encounter with your twin soul is a fierce event, as are the reactions that come from outside. When you give priority to your emotions, you get nowhere.

Twin soulship requires total commitment

You must both be willing to commit yourself completely to a 'joint spiritual growth'. To be willing does not mean to ignore yourself! You do that in a conditional relationship, 'a twin flame relationship is unconditional'. In an unconditional relationship there cannot be any bondage, so there is nothing to disconnect. You are just free in a relationship. In this freedom you experience a 'maturity' that is necessary to experience a higher spiritual understanding.

True twin souls do not let go of each other

The moment you meet your twin soul, you have already gained a lot of experience, including possibly the encounter with a 'could-be-twin soul'. It is not necessary, but it can happen to you depending on the things you need to understand. So it may be that you think someone is your twin soul but in your opinion denies it, or does not know yet, or is not yet as advanced as you. Please take it for granted that this is nonsense. You only really meet when you 'both' are ready and want to go for it. No matter what happens, you don't leave each other! You do not do that because in unconditional love you do not form a judgment and when you do (from previous conditioning) you can talk about it with yourself (your twin soul). After all, the Divine is active in and between you both and the Divine brings Harmony! You 'know' that pretty quickly, even from the first contact.

Release the supposed twin soul

When you let go of a supposed twin soul it causes pain, but at the same time it creates a deep desire for harmonization. This desire makes you look forward to your true twin soul, even though it may only be found within yourself. Your true twin soul will not come when you cherish the pain of letting go of a supposed twin soul. That's how it works.

Release your supposed twin soul and make room for your true twin soul. When you feel that strong desire and you are ready, you let the Divine know. Be amazed at what comes your way!

Eddy and Rita

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