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The essence of the twin soulship

The essence of the twin soulship can never be defined by either individual of the twin soul. A statement by either of them will, however well-intentioned, always contain a limited vision.

Even before they are born, twin souls intend to unite with their other half. It is a strong urge that, even when they are not aware of it, affects their entire life. Only later when they are together can they name where this strong urge comes from.

Everything in the universe known to us tends to be harmony in every way. This harmony is stimulated in every person. Also both individuals who are part of a twin soul feel this stimulus. The Divine keeps pushing them towards a 'harmonious togetherness'.

"The essence of twin souls coming together is to give in to the universe's tendency to bring forth harmony in its totality." It is actually very simple, you both surrender to the drive to harmonize, which is constantly emitted by the common soul. A "true twin soul" (both halves) feels this momentum and admits to it, whatever might happen.

In their being together both form an example of the harmony that is present in every human being as a 'couple', living together. In this way others can see what their own possibilities are when they reunite their inner man and woman. So that they can possibly also come to a "possible" higher relationship with a "possible" partner, who has also reunited the "both energies" within himself. With these people there is harmony and balance within the relationship.

Twin souls can only live in harmony with 'each other'. The loss of the other will always remain until the moment that they can go through life together. A twin soul can "never" find peace with anyone other than the "True partner." When they come together they can breathe a sigh of relief and then continue to grow 'quietly and steadily' and fully commit to their 'spiritual growth' towards the 'Divine Consciousness'.

In the first place and that is what many people will stumble over, twin souls only live for themselves. Because of the tranquility, the unity, the harmony, the simplicity, the detachment from matter as far as possible, "true twin souls" distinguish themselves from a "so-called twin soulship" in disharmony.

Eddy and Rita

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