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Shake the dust off your feet

In various insights we write that we are inspired by all kinds of writings. This time, we took inspiration from Master Jesus' counsel to His apostles before sending them to heal the sick, cast out unclean spirits, and tell the people that the "Kingdom of God" is near.

The following advice can be called spicy;

Matthew 10: 11-14

When you enter a city or a village, find out who is worth staying with him there. Stay with him until you leave that town again. 12 When you enter his house, wish peace to the people who live there. 13 If those people are worthy, your peace will come to them. But if they are not worthy of that peace, your peace will come back to you. 14 If people won't listen to you, get out of that house or town. Shake the dust off your feet to warn them.

Who is worth it for you to stay with him / her?

Look at it for yourself, says Master Jesus, by which He means that you "should" use your own discernment. If you just hang out with people without using your discernment, you will often get into trouble. So be careful who you hang out with!

If they are worthy, your peace will come upon them!

It sounds quite arrogant. Yet there is a deep understanding behind this statement. If they are worth it! You have first used your discernment to find out if people are worthy, if they can handle receiving the energy that you carry with you. And then you pour out your peace on them. Still, you may have overestimated these people. That they don't want to accept your energy. Then that energy will return to you, you leave nothing with them.

Talk a bit more

You can try again with words but don't bother if they don't want to listen to you. Don't put in your time, you can't change them. There's nothing you can do, even shake the dust off your feet when you leave those people.

In these modern times

A lot of spiritual people try to move others to spirituality. They are patient and continue to put their own energy into it. This is often seen in groups on facebook, in spiritual forums, etc. Everywhere on the internet one sees people trying to lift each other to a higher way of thinking and being. Many people laugh about it. Are they worth it? Are they worth your time? In most cases, you get irritated yourself. You give them your peace but they are not worth it. Let that peace come back to you. Get out of those groups, those forums,….

Shake the dust off your feet, ...

... In other words; delete everything you have ever written in those groups, forums or anywhere else where you are not welcome. Leave the unbelief with them. Don't leave anything behind or bring anything that could weigh you down.

Even shake the dust off your feet!

Eddy and Rita

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