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Privacy law?

We think it's all a bit overcalling. It is scaremongering! Don't get us wrong: certain things must be able to be shielded from the outside world to protect yourself.

Criminals must be discouraged so that your bank account is not looted on a bad day. Sensitive information that you would rather not see shared on the net must be protected.

If you prefer not to see anything of yourself on the net, you better not create social media accounts. If you do have one, the chance that nothing can be found of you is very small.

Share yourself

Most people share a lot of information themselves and are then amazed that everyone knows something about them. For example, one can read in a blog and / or article or social media. “Nobody knows yet what I'm going to tell you and I hope my parents and / or… will never find out.” Hmm, well…?

Sensitive information

Medical information can be a sensitive issue, but if you ask someone how it is, you will be presented with a whole file. Often supplemented with juicy descriptions of the holes in which all kinds of devices have been inserted and how this felt. This is often not stated in the file.

For those who have cheated on you and have been left with a scary disease, the privacy law can be a plus of course.

Financial information

Nobody has any business with what's in your bank account and what you do with your money. But if people don't do shady business, it doesn't matter that people know how much money you have and what you do with it. Quite a few famous people are known about what they earn and how much capital they have. If one does not engage in criminal activities, one has nothing to hide.


For example, one can describe a lot of things where the privacy law seems rather silly. We ourselves have nothing to hide. We don't worry about something coming out that we want to keep hidden from anyone.


To whom is this law on privacy of great importance, we wonder. It is of course very important for criminals that their dirty business remains well hidden. Fortunately for them, they are well protected by privacy laws!

Eddy and Rita

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