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Addictions limit freedom

To us it is a fact that every addiction deprives you of freedom.

Whether it concerns unhealthy or so-called "healthy" addictions, they are all compulsive and compulsion is usually out of control. Someone who compulsively exercise physically, can ruin himself just as well as someone who indulges in unhealthy addictions.

Free choice and / or free will?

The strange thing is that when talking about addictions, people like to talk about free choice and also about free will. While an addiction is compulsive. People have already lost their freedom. One is simply a "slave" to one or more "addictions". People climbing up the walls when they can't give in to that addiction. Do you still have a choice then? How does free will fit into this fact?

Wise choice

If you still want to make a choice, it is better to make a wise choice and do something about the addiction that costs so much time, energy and in many cases a lot of money.


To quit addictive activities one must be motivated. The motivation for Rita to quit smoking in 1992 was a little dog that got watery eyes from cigarette smoke. She was so sorry for him that she promptly quit smoking. I (Eddy) stopped smoking in 1997 after I realized that smoking deprived me of my freedom. After that, we never smoked again.

Eddy and Rita

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