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It is not always easy to rise above average. Humans are by nature a herd animal and therefore go to great lengths to find like-minded people.

If one is currently in the mediocre thinking, one will also attract like-minded people who are in the same thinking.

Is mediocrity a problem?

If one has no desire for a higher way of thinking and one respects the general vision of the group then there is no problem. Problems arise only when one wants to raise oneself to a higher consciousness. The thought alone is enough to create a distance between yourself and the group. You no longer belong in the group.

The way to higher thinking

The moment one becomes aware of the fact that one wants to rise in consciousness, one distances himself from the herd feeling that is active in the human mind. Initially, people are not immediately aware of this. Knowing this grows over time. In the meantime, one is tossed back and forth between the human mind and the higher mind. This swinging back and forth could be described as a struggle.


This battle is described in many religious stories. Master Jesus, Buddha, Arjuna and many others, all had to deal with the struggle against the mediocre thinking that makes man a herd animal. They all tried to raise the human mind to the Divine Level. They themselves succeeded in this with flying colors. But faced enormous opposition, in teaching those who wanted to follow their instruction.


The mediocre mind is unable to fathom the Divine mind. Mediocre thinking is always looking for certainties and Divine Thinking offers only one certainty. “Everything is God!”. The mediocre thinking is not satisfied with this for the simple reason that it does not understand.

Transcending mediocre thinking

Is it possible to transcend mediocre thinking? Yes, one must just realize that one does not belong to any group. You should distance yourself from teachings, teachers, people in general who want to continue living in mediocre thinking.

The story of Arjuna is a good illustration of this. Arjuna is not happy with the life he lives and asks for advice from Krishna (the highest personality of God in Hinduism), who advises him to fight against all mediocre thoughts. Arjuna is tossed back and forth between the herd feeling and distancing himself from everything he has been taught until then. Krishna advises Arjuna to go against even his spiritual teachers. Nobody agrees with what Arjuna does. They all disapprove of his behavior, yet he continues to emerge victorious from the battle.

Master Jesus, in the form of satan, also had to deal with mediocre thinking. Mediocre thinking takes advantage of man's insecurities and vanities.


It requires a great, constant alertness to transcend mediocre thinking. One will have to let go of many ideas and teachings presented as truth in order to get through to "Higher Thoughts". It takes great discernment to separate false truths and those who teach them from Truth. Thinking should be flexible so that one can quickly say goodbye to mediocre thoughts.

Only then can one penetrate to the "Higher Thinking".

Eddy and Rita

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