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Twin Souls: Uneven Spiritual Growth?

There are many stories circulating about "equal or different spiritual growth" of twin souls. For example, one half of themselves would think that he / she is further in spiritual growth than the other half.

What does spiritual growth actually mean? Do you think that when you have followed many courses, read many books, received a lot of initiations, workshops, healings, etc…, that you are further than the other in terms of spiritual growth? Then put this thought away quickly because in essence it means "nothing"! In fact, it has nothing to do with "Spiritual Growth"!

Before we met, one of us was engaged in spiritual / alternative activities for about 25 years. The other knew nothing about it. The day we had contact for the first time (by telephone), all the collected information passed from one to the other without us realizing it. This energy / information exchange is necessary and forms an interface that draws the two individuals towards each other.

The person who had been working on it for 25 years even had to conclude that all the collected information, courses, initiations, healings, etc… contribute "nothing" to the spiritual growth of twin souls.

The "idea" alone that you are further than the other means that even a "normal relationship" cannot work.

"True twin souls" put aside everything learned to begin a "new chapter" of their life "together." In fact, they both have a "rebirth" in "the same body." Everything from the past life, in this body, is completely released, because they both have the same "Purpose." They both do everything in their power to achieve "That".

It is intended that together they place the "Divine" in all "Joy" and "Oneness" here on earth. No books, courses, initiations, etc… are needed!

Eddy and Rita

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