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Higher thinking

We do not understand that one is trying to reach a higher consciousness through digging out previous negative experiences, understanding emotions, and so on. This brings man to descend into the very lowest energy layers of existence.

When one looks at the physical man, one finds the brain at the highest point of the body. At this point one also finds, energetically speaking, the two upper chakras. The highest that is connected with the 'Divine' and the third eye that carries the intuition. In principle, all thoughts that one thinks should come from these two chakras. This seems to us to make sense.

It has not yet been discovered where the "thoughts" are situated in the body. Assuming that thinking originates from the brain, we assume that thoughts are also located in, around and near the brain.

Head, brain, thoughts, the highest point of the body! Would it not then be taken for granted that thought should be "Divine" in nature ???

What we have experienced ourselves since we have focused our thinking completely on the Divine is that our life is much easier, more loving and more logical.

Our conclusion; the human mind is "not" designed to descend over and over into what once was. To then try to lift yourself to a higher level. It is like trying to pull yourself up on your shoelaces.

Thought is designed to remind you that you are of "Divine origin." And it is the intention that people will live that again.

Eddy and Rita

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