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Happiness is your birthright! Claim it!

Being unhappy? There is nothing to it, about  every follower can do it. Being "really happy" is a challenge! We would like to let you know that we are super happy.

You wonder why in god's name you could be happy in this miserable world. Well, maybe just because it is God's will for every person to be happy or if that is a bit too far-fetched for you; "Just because it's possible!". The knife cuts both ways; "You are also unhappy because you can!".

Dreamers ...?

You may be wondering if we are dreamers. On the contrary, we just see a different reality! A reality that 'was', 'is' and always will 'be' meant for this world. For example, we know someone who sits in front of TV all day and gets drunk. We walk a lot and enjoy everything we encounter. He says; “There is nothing to see”. To us this 'more beautiful reality' is visible in 'Everything', even a rock formation with some moss on it radiates 'This Reality'.

We also see that other reality! A reality that is paralyzing everything. We see young people who once had fresh ideas go their way discontented and confused. We see older people who are already dead but don't actually know it yet. We see small children who are quite dissatisfied simply because children copy their educators. Some people will say this is part of the 'illusion' that has captivated this world. However, it is not an illusion, it is a reality that man, because he has free will and power, creates himself !!!

Leave everything as it is?

So should we, everyone, just leave everything as it is? No, absolutely not! Why would you? When you are 'consciously happy', not just pretending but 'truly deeply happy', you are giving the world a gift in the form of a joyful energy that can infect thousands of people!

Tips to becoming happy?

We can give you 1001 tips to become happy, but whether it helps (?), We doubt that. Make a decision that you want to experience "True Happiness" and go for it!

Eddy and Rita

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