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New world

Not much information is available about the "New World" yet.

Here and there one can read that it is a World in which all "Positive, Divine, True Attributes" may be expressed. The energy of suffering is then no longer supported. Consequently, there is no more suffering. What does that World look like?

Fill in the "New World" by yourself

Because you are the creator of your own world, you also have the power to fill it in according to your own insights. If you choose to work in the "New World" you will have to take into account several low energies that are no longer supported in this "New World".

From the "Divine" there is always support at all levels. this support is adapted to the vibrations that are present. Thus, people who are still working in the lower energies are supported in their (however minimal) positive activities. This has to do with the fact that every human being is a potential Master and receives support until he focuses on "Divine Thinking and Life".

Free will

Until one chooses a life in the "New World", free will still applies. If one chooses to live in the "New World", there are limitations with regard to "outdated thinking". Habits, ways of thinking, rules of conduct, etc… that are experienced as normal in the "old world", no longer receive support from the "Divine".

You have to know what you want!

In this accelerated world in which information is available to everyone so quickly, it is difficult to make a choice and to keep it that way. When one has made a choice, there will always be information that confirms or contradicts this choice.

That is why it is important to listen carefully to the "promptings of the Soul" and to stick to them for a while. The Soul will also offer inspirations that grow along with the own understanding. This ability can be described as "growth in consciousness." The further one grows in consciousness, the more one becomes aware of what one really wants in life. The more valuable your own input is in building the "New World" here on Earth.

Wake up call!

If the above appeals to you, you have received a "wake up call". You once made up your mind to participate in building the "New World" and you were waiting for a trigger that will lead you to change your life completely. This call or invitation, if you give in to it, will turn your "whole life" upside down.

But because you have once made this choice consciously, there will always be support from the “Divine”. The "Divine" will not let you know, because it is intended that one day you will have to live your own life autonomously, that is to say on your own, without the support of anything or anyone. Only in this way can one start "Mastering" oneself, in order to take up one's own place in the "New World"!

Eddy and Rita

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