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The pain of not-Being

Physical pains can be localized, and the cause of that pain can, thanks to modern medicine, be determined fairly accurately. Those pains are also relatively easy to treat.

Mental and emotional pain

Mental and emotional pain is much more difficult to identify. There is also no effective medication to cure mental and emotional pain once and for all. This pain can be alleviated somewhat by grinding off the sharp edges with medication, so that the sufferer does not collapse completely.

Emotional pain is not unknown to us

Anyone who reads our insights would think that mental and emotional pain is unknown to us. Yet we can say from experience that this is not the case. I (Eddy) often had to deal with emotional pain. Often the pain was so excruciating that I often thought of committing suicide. Fortunately, there was always an inner voice that warned me not to do crazy things because something beautiful would come to me. Fortunately, I did not commit suicide and indeed, something very beautiful has come to me.

Where do those mental and emotional pain come from?

We have often asked ourselves that question. It was soon answered in our meeting. After the initial meeting, we moved in together three months later. The strange thing was that those pains disappeared like snow in the sun. They were nowhere to be found. They never came back either. Now one might wonder whether that is only possible with the twin soulship. If one has to rely on the many miserable stories of others who recognize themselves as a twin flame with someone else, one knows that this is not the case. What is it about those 'seemingly' inexplicable mental and emotional pains?

The pain of not-Being

What is Being? In our opinion, Master Jesus described this as the "Kingdom of God." In the 'Kingdom of God' one is aware of the power that Being brings with it. Likewise, He said that he who is full will not enter the "Kingdom of God." In other words, if one is satisfied with a life in matter and one has no desire for a higher consciousness, one will not become acquainted with one's own Being. Is this good? Is this bad? Everyone has to decide that for themselves.

I myself had a deep longing for Harmony, a Harmony that I only got to know after many choices. Good choices but also bad choices that kept throwing me back on myself and my emotional pain. Pains that keep prompting a search for the Self. A Self in which one gets the chance to develop fully spiritually.

As long as one does not come to stand in the 'True Flow' of one's own life, the pains of the 'non-Being' continue to present themselves. Once one enters that true flow, they are totally useless and immediately disappear, never to be bothered by them again. You don't even have to do anything for it. It can be seen from this that one is in the 'True Flow of Life'.

Eddy and Rita

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