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Suffering and vanity

Someone who is successful and likes to share this with others is often said to be vain. We rather like to share that we are happy and that spiritual growth is also possible when one is happy. We could be said to be vain. So what? It works for us.

We have decided in our gathering to banish suffering from our lives and we have succeeded. We are proof that spiritual growth and absence of suffering is quite possible. Whatever others say. Isn't that something to be proud of?

Emphasis on suffering

We always find it strange to read that people generally assume that spiritual growth is faster and more attainable when suffering. It seems to be a standard formula. Especially people who offer alternative treatments go on like a devil in a holy water vessel if you talk to them about it. When asking questions, they only have the explanation that spiritual growth is not possible without suffering.

If one asks further questions, they do not even know an explanation for what we believe is an exaggerated fascination with suffering. They don't even know that it was brought to us through religion. Anyone who could not suffer well was not a good Christian. There are still religions where suffering and enduring that suffering is seen as the highest form of spiritual experience.

Suffering as the highest form of spiritual experience?

People working in some form of alternative support are not averse to absorbing the misery of others. Often they pride themselves on having a hard time because they partly take on that misery. The more difficult it is for them, the more prestige they receive or hope to gain from their supporters. For many people this is a form of ultimate altruism. No one thinks of calling them vain. No one thinks about addressing them about this, because such good people can of course not be blamed for vanity.

This while vanity is present in every form. Also in suffering for suffering.

Our experience is that one does not have to suffer to grow spiritually. Don't just take it from us, research it, try it out !!! You can only win!

Eddy and Rita

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