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Twin soulship, an energetic event

Often when it comes to twin soulship, it is mainly about the emotional that is discussed. While this is "not at all" important!

The union of twin souls is an energetic event. As an individual one is always busy uniting the inner dualities. One often feels split, lonely, abandoned, separated from ... This is the case for every human being, even if you have the "complete Soul to yourself".

These feelings are necessary to prompt the individual to search within himself for the "harmony" that one so desires to experience. This "harmony" can only be achieved by "getting to know God", for God is one, and what is more harmonious than BEING ONE?

Male and female vibrations

The individual feels within himself the masculine and feminine vibrations that alternately get the upper hand. "It is up to the individual to bring these vibrations together into one harmonious whole." This involves a process of awareness.

Even before two individuals come together in a twin soul relationship, they should have developed some harmony within themselves. However, this does not mean that all vibrations are already in their original place. With twin souls this is not possible individually.

This comes later when twin souls meet and the weeks-months after that. From the meeting there is a redistribution of the energies, the masculine and feminine vibrations then take their original place at a rapid pace (this is only possible with your “real” twin soul). The man comes fully into his "energetic masculinity" and the woman takes on the "energetic feminine"!

At this point the two halves (the two halves have both the masculine and feminine energetic within them) of the Soul are joining in the physical!

"They complement each other completely in every area"!

True twin souls

When "true twin souls" incarnate at the same time, they are "programmed" to come together and stay together. This programming is Divine in nature. It's just a "FACT" that they will meet and stay together. This is how one recognizes the "true twin soulship". "Nothing or no one" can change that!

Eddy and Rita

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