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Dynamic spirituality

The driving force of spiritual growth for many people is undoubtedly: 'Getting to know oneself in his / her most perfect form'.

Which we keep hidden, by estimating ourselves lower than who we really are. Inadvertently, we hold ourselves and each other in a limited vision.


When one gains insights, he / she thinks he / she has to share them with all other seekers. Thick books are written, courses are given, initiations are given, there are innumerable religions, channelings are very popular, etc… All this in the hope of elevating our society to an unprecedented spiritual level. Many people believe that they can empower others. The clients who come to them take that too blindly and thus place their "own spiritual development" in the hands of the therapists and / or writers.

Unfortunately, all this effort does little

We still see that the true spiritual flame is on the back burner. How in god's name is this possible? What are we doing wrong? Are we not doing enough on our spiritual development or are we doing too much? Who's to say? Who will take us in the right direction? Should we insist that true spiritual development is extremely difficult? Only intended for a select group? Isn't this a poor thought? How about lifting the whole world?

Lessons or a way of life?

Wouldn't you think that spiritual growth is a dynamic process? Something that keeps bringing us new insights and that can surprise us again and again?

According to our observations, we ourselves ensure that spiritual growth has become static. Although spiritual growth can best be combined with normal daily life, we are going to make lessons from it. We tell ourselves and others that we have to study hard to get to a certain spiritual level. So we disconnect "spirituality" from our "everyday existence" and turn it into an incomprehensible mystery. We turn it into a field of study or a hobby.

What do we think is the secret to achieving a true spiritual experience?

Letting go! It is in letting go of what we consider to be a spiritual study that we are given the opportunity to come to our "True Self." By sharing all kinds of experiences, perceptions, insights, etc…, we should "inspire each other" to come to "considerations". Usually, we "don't" get around to "considering" and simply accept what is presented to us as truth.

This is of course the fastest way to acquire as much knowledge as possible. The question is, does this attitude lead us to true "spiritual awareness"? Usually we get stuck in "all kinds of descriptions" of what it "should be". The true spiritual feeling remains, seemingly, unattainable.

You already know everything!

Whatever we read or hear, at a given moment, we cannot say anything other than “I already know that and that too”. Whatever you encounter, you already know it. Now is the time to let go of everything you know and move on to unprecedented, indescribable realms. These areas are beyond thinking and reasoning and yet they are easily livable in everyday life.

Dynamic spirituality is not a collection of all kinds of systems and facts but a free, flowing experience of our "True Nature", which can only be found in everyday life!

Eddy and Rita

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