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One soul, two aspects

It is generally believed that a twin soul couple originates from one soul. This is also our experience. What people often forget is that they also physically belong together.

They cannot go through life as two separate individuals. They are each one aspect of the twin soul couple.

How so?

You can only fully understand this when you go through life together with your 'true twin soul'. We often see or hear descriptions of couples who believe they are twin souls, in which they emphasize the physical separation. They hold that the masculine and feminine physical aspect plays tricks on them in coming into complete harmony with each other. We would like to point out here, gently that they may not be twin souls but rather good soul mates. In itself this makes no difference at all, were it not for the fact that they present a lot of false information regarding the twin soulship. They lead others to believe that it is quite normal for there to be a sense of separation between the two aspects of the twin soul couple.

To stay together or not?

When you start a normal love affair with someone, you always build in the idea that if the relationship is not going well, you can let go of each other. When you are in love, you are not aware of it, it is just subtly present. There is always a way back. Someone you have a non-nurturing relationship with will sooner or later let you go. With true twin souls this thought is completely out of the question. When they come together it is to go through life together. This being together is therefore eternal. Hence, we emphasize whether or not a couple are "true twin souls."

We also see people "giving themselves" to someone they think is their twin soul. In this way they become easy prey for free-seekers. The two aspects of a twin flame are equivalent. There is not one who is the driving force and takes the other into the twin soulship. They are both driving forces. It goes so far that in the long run no difference can be seen anymore. In the physical there is of course a difference, but there are no longer any behaviors that you can say are typically male or female.


All misunderstandings about twin soulship stem from the misunderstanding of what twin soulship really is. It is out of misunderstanding or, let's say, ignorance, that those people who call themselves coach or counselor mislead other people. They themselves often have experiences in which they had to let go of the other. Their minds and the emotions that accompanied them have told them that they are twin souls, but they have never come to the full experience of the so-called twin soulship. They have not gotten that far in their experience. So it is a limited experience. It is safe to assume that their information and advice are incomplete.

Skilled in twin soulship?

In the years (since 2005) that we have been together now, we have never experienced any separation. We have never had to become proficient in twin soulship. We see the two aspects of our physical being but think as one being that you can call by way of demonstration, the soul, the feminine and the masculine. But this can never mean a split. True twin souls do not have to qualify, everything happens by itself. They can lift themselves up in consciousness and that is what they do. After all, it is written everywhere that they have a common task. In the first place, this includes lifting oneself as a whole.


So forget all that gelling through unpleasant experiences. Just forget that you know that you are twin souls and the other is not. That way you put yourself above the other. You state that you know what it is about and that the other is just too stupid to know. There are plenty of stories of people who think that for the sake of unconditional love they allow all kinds of things that they would otherwise never allow. Mental and even physical abuse can never be justified. Yet many people look up to the descriptions that result from it. True twin souls will never abuse each other, if one person is not feeling well, the other will want to remove this as soon as possible. They strive together for a higher purpose and the joy and balance that comes with it.

Eddy and Rita

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